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Ski Socks 900
Ski Socks 900
Ski Socks 900
Ski Socks 900

Ski Socks 900

The thinnest sock of the range!

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Wed Ze

Ski Socks 900 designed for for the regular or intensive skier or snowboarder, practicing at high intensity.

Despite it being made of 70% wool, this sock is the thinnest of the range!

Sock made of 70% wool.


MINI thickness sock, adapted for ski and snowboarding boots of narrow casing.


Because of its large wool percentage, this ski sock gives you resistance, insulation, greater humidity absorption capacity, as well as a natural capacity to inhibit smells.


"This sock is designed in a way that the foot is made one with the ski boot in order to avoid all discomfort. All seams are positioned in a way as to never be underneath a pressure point.


The size chart for this model is more precise than for the other models of the range: 1 shoe size covers 3 sizes instead of 4 for the other models.

Product Testing

All Wed'ze's products are created, drawn and designed in the valley of the Mont Blanc. They are then tested under conditions of identical use to those that you will find on the mountains: snow, cold, powdery snow, etc. Design teams ensure that the program for which the product has been designed and developed perfectly matches its use in the field.


Socks : 67.0% Wool, Socks : 30.0% Polyamide, Socks : 3.0% Spandex

Storage Instructions

Make sure that the product is completely dry before storage.


2 Years



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