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Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700
Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700
Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700
Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700
Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700
Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700
Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700
Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700
Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700
Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700

Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700

3D strap + thick foam, cap strap, full EVA pad

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Wed Ze

Snowboard Bindings Illusion 700 designed for experienced to expert snowboarders seeking high-precision & comfortable bindings offering good support.

It's an improved Illusion 400:1. Full EVA pad for better cushioning 2. Strap with 3D foam for maxi. tightening without comprising comfort 3.Highback angle adjust. 4.Screwdriver-free strap adjustment

Very good support at high speed, red and black runs, off-piste and parks.


Turn Strap: 180° strap opening. Unhindered, quick foot entry.


Gas Pedal, front/rear highback, highback angle, screwdriver-free straps.


Full EVA pad, comfort and optimum cushioning, at a 2° inward angle.

Anatomic design

M: 6.5 to 10.5, \nL: 10.5 to 13.


Standard tightening system: Pump until you get the required support. No limit.

A word from the product manager

This binding is a new addition to the Wed'ze range. Our customers and technical partners, with whom we develop our products, missed having it. The Illusion 700 is an improved Illusion 400 that adapts to the needs of demanding riders (strong support, comfortable and precise settings) for top-level use (e.g. World Tour Qualifier freeride competition, backcountry images for films like Bio Door, Inconito, Somnium).


The Illusion 700 binding is a high-performance traditional snowboard binding with gentle ratchet buckles that are easy to click in place and durable. It's a very good freestyle all-mountain binding for going anywhere: piste/off-piste and even snow park riding for every level of ability. It has a short yet stiff highback, giving good rear support for backside tricks as well as ankle mobility during spins. Its full EVA pad guarantees excellent cushioning on landing after jumps.

Opening mechanism

Turn Strap System : The strap is mounted onto a hinge, which allows it to turn inwards when you lift your foot. When putting your boots on, the space is therefore free to introduce the boot in the binding without any obstacle. This also prevents the strap and hooks from being crushed by the boot when stepping in.

The available settings

"The factory settings suit most people, however you can adjust the following to suit your needs:
- the position of the highback (front/rear/side) by moving the position of the screws that hold the highback,
- highback canting,
- the length of the gas pedal, which is particularly useful for those with big feet."

Stance (binding spacings)

"To be adapted to your body shape. But it is worth noting that all snowboards have a recommended position for bindings (recommended stance, indicated by a marker between the inserts of the bindings). Increasing the stance width will lower your position on the board and improve stability. This also helps for aerial rotations. On freestyle boards, the recommended stance width is generally wider than on all-mountain boards.

Adjusting snowboard binding angles

For on-piste freeride use, we recommend an angle of +18° at the front and 0° at the rear. For multipurpose freestyle use, a +18° and -6° angle is better. An open rear foot gives more flexibility when riding switch. For pure freestyle use, you can choose entirely symmetric angles, e.g. +15° and -15°. Binding angles are very much a matter of personal choice. Feel free to check out what others are doing and try out different options. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Centering of the bindings on a snowboard

Disc bindings with 4 screws can slide along a single axis and generally have 5 possible settings. This setting is used to center the boot on the snowboard and prevent the foot from protruding too far. Otherwise you are guaranteed to fall! The boot must therefore protrude from the board by an equal amount on both sides. The disc can also be rotated through 90° to alter the stance width in relation to the width set by the inserts. In this case, lateral centering is no longer possible.

Which size should I choose for my Illusion bindings?

We recommend:
M = 4.5 to 8
L = 8 to 12.5

Just as you would try on a boot with your own foot, it is strongly advisable to try out the bindings with your own snowboard boots. Because, depending on the brand, the volume of a particular size of boot may vary.


M=4.5>7.5 // L=7.5 > 12.5




Frame : 100.0% Polyamide 6.6\r\nFoam part : 100.0% Foamed EVA

Storage Instructions

Before each trip, tighten all the binding screws.\nStoring for the summer: you can leave your bindings on the snowboard.


2 Years



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