Support Shoes

Support Shoes

About Our Support Shoes Collection

Going for a run in the park? Doing lunges at home? If you're looking to get started with a new exercise routine, or if you're looking to take your workouts to the next level, Decathlon's Domyos brand has the right gear for you.

Running Shoes

Our running shoes are designed to be lightweight while providing the right amount of cushioning and traction. Many of our shoes feature a Quick-Change System that lets you switch between a road and trail shoe without losing a beat. We engineer our shoes with a wide range of cushioning so you can find the right amount of cushion for your stride. If you're looking for extra support, our shoes come with additional rear- and forefoot arch support.

Support Running Shoes

If you're looking to go long, our support running shoes are engineered to be comfortable while maintaining a stable ride. They're lightweight so you don't feel weighed down on your runs, and they feature padded collars to ensure a comfortable fit. Many of our shoes feature a midsole technology that improves cushioning and a rocker technology that improves your balance while running.