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Men's and Women's Finger Support Strong 500
Men's and Women's Finger Support Strong 500
Men's and Women's Finger Support Strong 500
Men's and Women's Finger Support Strong 500

Men's and Women's Finger Support Strong 500

Support strap.

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Men's and Women's Finger Support Strong 500 designed for getting back into sport after spraining or twisting your fingers.

This finger support holds any finger tightly during training sessions and matches. Play on any terrain without worrying about painful fingers.
Joint support

Compression sleeve and support strap.

Easy to use

Tab for pulling it on.

User comfort

Soft material and thin strap.


Unlike normal adhesive straps.

Why wear this finger strap?

Wearing this finger support may be recommended if you have sprained your finger, to help you get back into sport (basketball, football, handball, tennis, running, trail running, gymnastics, judo). It is easy to put on, with padded fabric and a very thin strap to keep you comfy. It is an excellent alternative to normal adhesive straps.

What is a sprain?

A sprained finger is when the ligaments become stretched or torn. It tends to happen when people lose their balance on slippery ground and land on their hands, or when they misjudge a catch when playing handball, basketball, volleyball or any other ball sport.

Did you know that all TARMAK products are field tested?

The design team behind the TARMAK products is based in Northern France. It is constantly seeking to improve its products to best meet players' needs. All of our models are tested in real-life situations for several weeks by demanding players, and are updated based on your feedback.

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Product Testing

This product has undergone laboratory tests (washing, colourfastness, wear) to ensure that it meets our quality requirements.


Main fabric : 90.0% Foamed styrene butadiene rubber, Main fabric : 10.0% Polyester\r\nBra band : 100.0% Polyamide

Storage Instructions

Store in a clean, dry, dark place.\nPut the adhesive parts on the elastic band to protect the knit from premature wear.


2 Years



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