Thermal Wetsuits

Thermal Wetsuits

About Our Thermal Wetsuits Collection

Going swimming? Going surfing? Going kayaking? Going scuba diving? Going snorkeling? Going fishing? Going sailing? Going...well, you get the point. Decathlon’s Artengo brand has your back. We have thermal wetsuits for all your water adventures.

Wetsuit Technology

Our wetsuits are designed to be flexible while staying durable. They’re made to be watertight so you can stay warm while you’re in the water. The material is breathable so you don’t get too hot while you’re out and about. The neoprene material is designed to be flexible so you can swim, kayak, and more without sacrificing any of your mobility. The material is also quick-drying so you can get back on land and back on your adventure. 

Thermal Underwear

Want to keep all your other clothing dry? We have a whole line of thermal underwear and socks to keep you cozy in the winter and dry in the fall and spring. We also create socks that are perfect for your feet and your feet. 

Wetsuit Accessories

We also create accessories to go with your wetsuit. We have leashes and gloves to keep your hands safe while you’re in the water, and we have fins and snorkels to get you moving in the sea. 

Thermal Apparel and Accessories

No wetsuit? No problem! We also create a wide variety of thermal tops and bottoms to keep you cozy in the cold. And if you need something extra, we have thermal jackets to keep you protected in the harshest conditions.