Touring Paddle Board

Touring Paddle Board

About Our Touring Paddle Board Collection

Looking to catch some waves? Olaian, our surf brand, prides itself on being made on the shores of Hendaye, the perfect spot for designing and prototyping in real-world conditions. Olaian makes a variety of inflatable SUP boards that are perfect for your next adventure on the water.

Inflatable SUP Boards

Our inflatable SUP boards are compact and easy to transport. They come with their own bag so you can keep your board safe and secure between adventures. Our boards are compact enough to fit into luggage racks on cars. Our SUP boards are easy to set up and come with a pressure gauge so you can ensure your board is at the perfect pressure before your adventure.

Folding SUPs

If you're always on the go but want to be in the water no matter where you are, a folding SUP is the perfect companion. Our folding SUPs are compact and come with a carrying bag so you can take it with you anywhere. Complete with a handle, the inflatable SUPs are easy to transport and come with a pump so you can be on the water in no time!

SUP Accessories

No SUP board is complete without the right accessories! We have leashes, handles, and fins to make your time on the water even more fun. We also make waterproof bags to keep your things secure on the shore.