Training Cones

Training Cones

About Our Training Cones Collection

Looking to improve your speed? Want to improve your endurance? Or are you just looking to start running so you can get around town, go to work, or get to the gym on time. Whatever your running needs, Decathlon’s Artengo brand has the right gear for you.

Trail Running

If you’re into trail running, we have the perfect gear for your adventures in the great outdoors. Whether you run in the forest, on the grass, or on rocky terrain, we have the right shoes for your travels. They’re made to be comfortable and strong so you don’t have to worry about wearing them on your travels. They’re also engineered to be lightweight so you don’t have to carry heavy equipment on your runs. And if you’re on a budget, we have a range of shoes that won’t break the bank.

Road Running

If you’re more of a road runner, we have shoes that are perfect for your runs on even and uneven surfaces. We design our shoes to be durable and comfortable so you can get the most out of your runs. We even have shoes with extra cushioning for a little extra comfort on your next run. 

Track & Field

Our track shoes are durable and flexible so you can get the most out of your workouts. They’re lightweight and some are even water repellent so you can get a good workout in whatever the weather.