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Men Triathlon Trisuit Sleeveless Front Zipper SD

The fabric used keeps you dry after the swimming - biking transition

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Men Triathlon Trisuit Sleeveless Front Zipper SD designed for men triathletes to use for the 3 triathlon disciplines (Novice to Olympic distance)

Ideal for all 3 sports: Full front zipper, 2 pockets in the back. Silicone tape at thighs for optimal fit. Comfortable, fine foam material.
Quick dry

The fabric used keeps you dry after the swimming - biking transition

Moisture wicking

Mesh fabric designed to keep you dry during exercise

Sitting comfort

Thin, flexible foam material suitable for use in the 3 sports

Why wear a trisuit?

For swimming, cycling and running in the same suit, the trisuit is a staple. Its benefits: dries quickly after swimming and is comfortable for cycling thanks to a pad that does not hamper your run. Triathlon suits are worn like cycling shorts: with no underwear.

Trisuit, triathlon suit, triathlon trisuit ... are there differences?

None! It's the same type of triathlon outfit, a 3-in-1 suit: pick the term you prefer. Not to be confused with neoprene wetsuits, which provide buoyancy and insulation for the swim

Should I put on an additional suit to swim?

Yes … and no. The neoprene suit provides buoyancy, an asset for the swim leg. Good to know: The French Triathlon Federation forbids isothermal swimsuits when the water temperature is above 75°F and makes them compulsory when the temperature goes below 61°F. Between 61 and 75°F, it's up to you.

Are there any differences between women's and men's suits?

The women's product follows the female body shape, with good breast support and a slim fit at the waist. The rest of the swimsuit's skin is looser for extra comfort. Sleeveless women's suits are cut to provide more coverage than men's suits to conceal the sports bra.

What is the difference between a triathlon suit and a top + bottom?

A practical difference, not a technical one: with a separate top and bottom, pee breaks will be faster than with a suit. You can also change the combinations, for example use a cycling jersey, a running T-shirt, etc. In terms of comfort however, there's no difference between a top and bottom and a suit: the material provides more comfort for the cycling section.


Main fabric : 82.0% Polyester cationic, Main fabric : 18.0% Spandex Yoke : 100.0% Polyester cationic Pad : 90.0% Polyamide, Pad : 10.0% Spandex



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