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Decathlonian and ocean lover

Our team-curated snorkeling equipment pack is the perfect way to explore the Golden State from below.

Plan a warm weather retreat without ever leaving California. Hit the road to discover romantic hidden coves and lush kelp forests. Decathlon’s revolutionary Tribord Easybreath, the first ever full-face mask, has made snorkeling accessible and enjoyable for more people than ever before. It’s an essential part of this Get Going Pack.

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Snorkeling in California

California’s Kelp Beds
are a world-renowned ecological treasure.

The Channel Islands
are frequently ranked as one of the best snorkel spots in the world.


Cannery Row in Monterey
Intrepid, experienced snorkelers undeterred by cold water can grab a wetsuit and head to this Northern California spot.

Top 10
The best snorkeling spots in California from the Ocean Conservancy:

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