Vintage Rollerskates

Vintage Rollerskates

About Our Vintage Rollerskates Collection

Want to cruise around in style? Oxelo's Oxelo OX5 roller skates are perfect for both adults and kids who want to glide around in style. The OX5 features a hard plastic frame that's durable and comfortable. The wheels are ABEC 7 for a smooth ride. The ABEC 7 bearings are easy to replace so you can keep your skates in top condition. The brake is easy to engage so you can stop on a dime. The adjustable buckle ensures a comfortable fit.

Vintage Skates

Looking for something new? Decathlon also has a wide range of inline skates that are perfect for your next outing in the park or your next race. The Oxelo brand has all you need to get around in style and comfort. Our Oxelo skates are designed for both kids and adults and are adjustable for a perfect fit. They are equipped with brakes for easy control and wheels that are ABEC 7 for a smooth ride. Our brakes are easy to engage and our wheels are easy to change so you can always get the best performance out of your new pair of skates.

Skate Accessories

If you already have a pair of Oxelo skates, or if you just need some new accessories, we've got you covered. We have pads for your knees and elbows so you can learn new tricks in the park, and we have helmets so you can stay safe while learning them. We also have bags to keep your skates safe while on the go, and we provide spare parts so you can always be ready to hit the road or the park.