Warm Hiking Jackets

Warm Hiking Jackets

About Our Warm Hiking Jackets Collection

Looking to stay warm this winter? Decathlon’s Artengo hiking brand has just the gear you need. We have down jackets that are lightweight and provide warmth without added weight. They’re made with premium down feathers for maximum warmth. Our down jackets feature water repellent technology so you can stay out adventuring in any weather. Some of our down jackets are water-resistant and some are even waterproof.

Hiking Jackets for Men, Women, and Kids

Our hiking jackets are designed for men, women, and kids. We engineer breathable fabrics that move with you on your travels and protect you from the elements on your adventures. Breathability is key when you’re out adventuring and you need a jacket that moves with you. That’s why our engineers design our jackets to be breathable while maintaining their waterproofing. And if one breaks or gets lost? We have a whole host of replacement parts and accessories so you can keep going. 

Artengo Hiking Shoes & Socks

Our hiking shoes are designed for all types of terrain, and our socks and toe socks are made to be comfortable while providing the protection you need. Our hiking socks are designed to be comfortable and cushiony while providing protection against abrasion and moisture. They’re also engineered to be lightweight so they don’t weigh you down. If you already own a pair of hiking shoes, we have the perfect socks to keep your feet happy on your next adventure.