Warmest Socks

Warmest Socks

About Our Warmest Socks Collection

If you're looking for the warmest socks, you've come to the right place. Decathlon's Wedze brand designs socks that are perfect for keeping your feet cozy this winter.


We create warm socks with a variety of different materials, including fleece. These socks are lightweight so they don't weigh you down while you're out on the trail. The material wicks moisture so you can stay dry and comfortable. Some of our socks feature anti-bacterial technology so you can stay healthy while staying warm.


We also create wool socks that are perfect for the colder seasons. These socks are made with wool for its excellent moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties. They also last longer than other materials.

Socks for all your activities

Our socks are designed for a variety of activities. If you're going hiking, we have hiking socks that cushion your feet and provide extra grip so you can go at your own pace on a variety of terrains. If you're doing more demanding activity, like running or cycling, we have sports socks that provide comfort while staying in place no matter how demanding your moves. And if you're just relaxing, we have socks that are soft and cushion your feet while you lounge around.