Women Sale, Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Women Sale, Sweatshirts & Hoodies



If you’re looking to stay warm, you’ve come to the right place. Decathlon has a whole host of sweatshirts and hoodies to keep you cozy both indoors and outdoors. They are lightweight and some are compact enough to be put away into their own pockets! Our puffer down jackets are made with premium duck feathers and our down is sourced humanely. These jackets are made to withstand the wind and the cold by trapping thermal insulation within the feathers. Down is ultra light, ensuring you won’t be weighed down on your biggest hikes. Many of our down jackets are water repellent, meaning they’re perfect for when you’re caught off guard by some light weather. It’s easy to see why ours rank amongst the best hiking jackets around.

If you want something soft while you’re out in the city, countryside, or mountaintops, our fleeces were made for you. They are lightweight, flexible, and breathe with you on all your journeys. Our hunting fleeces come in both camo and bright safety colors. And for everything else, we have a wide array of women's jackets and we’re sure we’ll have one that has just what you need that’ll last you for all of your travels.

All of our sweatshirts and hoodies are designed to be comfortable and anatomically flexible, moving with your body no matter what sport you play or what kind of exercise you engage in.

Trekking into some heavy downpours? Upgrade to one of our fully-fledged rain jackets to keep the warmth in and the water out. Breathable, waterproof, and well ventilated, our anatomically-designed jackets are made to flow with you on even your most demanding hikes. We even make ponchos to go over your other gear while you’re cycling, backpacking, or hunting. If you already have a rain jacket, let us show you how to keep it in good condition for all your adventuring needs.

If you’re looking for performance jackets in demanding weather, we’ve got you covered. Decathlon windbreakers help you stay protected and keep moving while in strong winds with unpredictable conditions. Whether you run, bike, or hike, you’ll feel safe and secure in a windbreaker designed to withstand what life throws at it.