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Women's Running Shoes

Our running shoes are broken up into three levels: 
Occasional Runner: You are starting to run for the first time and/or you run at a leisure pace several times a month on average. These shoes for running are tailored to those running up to 30 minutes or 5km
Regular RunnerYou run at a moderate pace, up to 1 hour or 10km, several times a week on average. These road running shoes are designed to give you added comfort and protection to assist you in your fitness training. 
Advanced Runner: You train for races and are seeking to achieve your best performance. These performance running shoes are designed to be lightweight, technical, and comfortable for those who train daily.

Women's Running Stable Shoes Kiprun LD


Women's Running Shoes - Active Grip


Women's Run Comfort Shoes

From $34.90

Women's Active Running Shoes


Women's Running Shoes Run One


Women's Running Shoes One Grip


Women's Running Shoes Run One+

From $10.90

Women's Running Active Breathable Shoes


Women's Running Shoes Ekiprime


Women's Running Shoes Kiprun SD


Women's Running Shoes Elioprime

From $50.90

Women's Long Running Shoes KIPRUN

From $81.90

Women's Jogging Cushion-Grip Shoes

From $28.90

Women's Jogging Cushion Shoes


Women's Running Shoes Black - Active Grip


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