Inesis Distance 100 Golf Balls

Identical performance characteristics

Core with up to 22% reprocessed material

Coated in reprocessed material

33% for the yellow coating and 50% for the white coating

The new Distance 100 has a reduced environmental impact
Those starting out in golf tend to lose a lot of balls. This is normal. So, it's best to look for a high-performance but low-cost ball such as the Inesis Distance 100.
But a lost ball has a negative impact on the planet. In the USA alone, 300 million balls are lost outdoors every year. THIS was what we focused on when developing the Distance 100 for 2021. Rather than improving its performance or further reducing its price, we decided that the best way to improve this ball would be to reduce its environmental impact.
Less is more
All golf balls, whether matte or glossy, have a coating applied to them. This looks good and is durable, but is not the most environmentally friendly. Our idea was therefore to eliminate the coating from the Distance 100 ball. The result is that the ball is no longer glossy, has a satin finish, and markings come off a bit quicker. This does not affect ball performance at all. We asked beginner golfers if this new design bothered them; most said it didn't, that they liked the satin look and that, if it was better for the planet, we should continue with this new coating. So we did it