Rockrider ST530


Single chainrings aren't just for the pros! They're lighter and more efficient, more precise and responsive, quieter and more reliable. And as well as offering great performance, single chainrings are also easier to ride.


With a single chain wheel there's only one shift lever to operate. To change gear, just press the lever with one hand. It's so simple you don't even have to think about it. Well-spaced gears mean intuitive, smooth and slick gear shifts.


Quickly adapt your gear to suit the terrain. With a single chainring, say goodbye to your chain skipping, crossing and coming off. Your gear changes will be cleaner, smoother and quieter. You'll use your gears more efficiently and your drive train will last longer.

Light and effective

On average, a single chainring makes your bike half a kilo lighter. With its extended cassette and much larger cogs, the single-chainrin. 1x9 drive train is as efficient on the flat and on climbs as a 3x8 drive train (triple chainring with eight speeds).


Sylvain, MTB product manager

We've listened a lot to the sports users who use the Rockrider ST520. Some of them have asked us for a "more efficient mountain bike"!

With our team of engineers and designers, we decided to fit the ST530 mountain bike with:

- a single chainring for increased responsiveness;

- hydraulic brakes for more efficient and gradual braking that is easy to modulate;

- a 100mm fork for a more comfortable ride and negotiating obstacles with ease;

- and tires with side knobs for riding on dry and wet terrain.

With these improvements, the ST530 MTB is a true mountain bike, a sportier mountain bike.