Rockrider ST900 Kids' Mountain Bike

Skinwall tires

Great grip around corners thanks to side lugs.

Aluminum frame

Solid, light and dynamic.

Front fork

Front fork travel: 50mm, ideal for shock absorption.

Front disc brakes

Powerful braking in all conditions.

Thomas, Kids' MTB product manager

The new Rockrider ST 900 20" is a mountain bike created with the idea of getting young kids into cross-country MTB. BTWIN's engineers have come up with a lighter MTB: they fitted it with an aluminum frame and components (stem, handlebar, seat post and handles). Braking is more powerful thanks to mechanical disc brakes at the front, making it more efficient in all conditions (dry or wet). It's child's play. Meanwhile, the grip shifter makes the bike's six gears easier to use. It also has a new bottom bracket with cranks adapted to suit kids aged six to nine. And with its front suspension, negotiating obstacles is a piece of cake.