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Intermediate surfers weighing less than 210 lbs who are starting to turn in medium waves, or regular surfers looking for an easy-to-surf board.

More compact than a longboard but with the same advantages. Take off early on the wave and carve turns. Reusable Flexi Hex® plastic-free packaging.

  • Easy to use: wide at the front and low rocker for easy paddling and take-off
  • Easy to handle: Narrower round tail and thruster set-up (3 fins)
  • Lightweight: Weight 11 lbs without fins +/- 7 oz.
  • Durability: Laminated with epoxy resin and wood stringer.

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8' x 22” x 3”



11 lbs without fins +/- 7 oz



63 L


Laminated by hand. Epoxy resin PU hot coat.

66.1 lbs/m³ EPS foam blank

  • Deck: 3 fiberglass layers (4 oz, 6 oz, 6 oz)
  • Bottom: 2 fiberglass layers (6 oz, 6 oz)
  • Rails: 2 fiberglass layers (6 oz, 6 oz)
  • 5 mm Paulownia wood stringer


  • Deck: 50.0% Polystyrene, 25.0% Glass Fiber, 25.0% Epoxy Resin
  • Board fin: 100.0% Polyamide


Fin Assembly

Supplied with 3 fins for FCS1-type boxes.

Once the fins are positioned in the plugs, tighten the screws until hand tight using the Allen key provided.



2 years excluding breaking in half, breaking off the fins, bumps, and nicks.

Storage instructions

Carry and store in a bag or cover, away from extreme heat.

Protective cover

The board is packaged in a Flexi Hex® honeycomb sleeve inside a sturdy box.There is no plastic packaging.The sleeve can be reused inside your board bag to protect your board during transport.

How to behave on the water

Find the rules for priority and behavior on the water on our website.If you find yourself in a spot you do not know, ask for help from the lifeguard or people familiar with the area.

Olaian is based in Hendaye in the Basque Country (France). All year round, our design teams devise and develop attractive, simple, and technically advanced products. We then test them in waves in collaboration with our ambassadors and sea professionals in the strictest conditions. We are convinced that, for us to progress, there is no substitute for the real-life situations you will experience.