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Adult Rugby Scrum Cap R900

Protective areas compliant with World Rugby standards:density and thickness.

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Adult Rugby Scrum Cap R900 designed for protection for players. Perfectly fits the head for comfort and protection.

Meets World Rugby standards and developed with our partners playing in the Top 14, this light, ventilated cap can simply be forgotten about as you play without affecting the quality of the protection
Shock protection

Protective areas compliant with World Rugby standards:density and thickness.


Fits the shape of the head, adjustable using the chinstrap and lace at the rear.


Plenty of openings to allow heat to escape.

User comfort

Elasticated chinstrap for greater comfort and freedom of movement.


Shaped pads and wide openings for more suppleness and lightness.

Head size / scrum cap size chart:

XS: 20.5"-20.9" S: 21.3"-21.7" M: 22"-22.4" L: 22.8"-23.2" XL: 23.6"-24" XXL: 24.4"-24.8"

Choosing the right size

For optimal protection, the scrum cap should fit snugly around your head without hampering your movements, particularly when it comes to rotating your head, and without reducing your field of vision. You can adjust it using the laces at the back and the chin strap at the front.


The elasticated adjustable chinstrap provides better comfort and a more accurately adjusted cap when the head rotates. Our caps also stand out for their ability to allow heat to escape.Your cap's performance depends on the number and shape of the ventilated areas.

Foam technical details

Thermoformed foam: molded using heat to give it a specific shape. This technology creates a more ergonomic product.

World Rugby standards

All our protective gear complies with World Rugby standards for match use. These standards dictate what the foam must be made of and how dense (less than 99.2 lbs. per m3) and thick it must be (less than 0.4").


Our protective gear is designed in collaboration with our technical partners Juandre Kruger, Bernard Leroux, Eddy Ben Arous and Jonathan Wisniewski, who all play in the TOP 14. They help us improve these products by getting involved at every stage of the design process, and by validating them during tests that reproduce real-life playing conditions.

Product Testing

Complies with World Rugby standards.


Foam : 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Inner fabric : 78.0% Polyester cationic, Inner fabric : 22.0% Spandex Outer fabric : 59.0% Polyamide, Outer fabric : 26.0% Polyester cationic, Outer fabric : 15.0% Spandex

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place, away from damp.



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