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Adult Snow Hiking X-Warm Mid Socks SH920

46% wool in complete liner and 100% of foot in merino wool for warmth.

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Adult Snow Hiking X-Warm Mid Socks SH920 Features:

Warm and extra breathable socks providing excellent thermal comfort and moisture management. Very fine and warm, they are perfect when snow hiking in cold weather.

46% wool in complete liner and 100% of foot in merino wool for warmth.

Reduction of irritation

Lined reinforcements across heel and tip of foot for added strength, protection.


Vents above foot and side of calves for moisture transfer.

Anatomic design

Right (R) and left (L) foot design, to fit your feet perfectly.


Multistrand polyamide structure provides increased durability

Odor control

Merino Wool naturally reduces the retention of body odors.

Pack of 2 pairs

This model is sold in packs of 2 pairs of socks in identical colors.

Choosing your hiking sock size

We take advantage of the properties of the spandex present in all our socks so that they adapt to your foot and remain well in place. Since feet are different in length, width and volume, we recommend that you try your socks in store before buying them and that you test your socks before leaving for a long hike.

Product Testing

All our models are tested in the field by users representative of our target market, and we also carry out parallel tests in the laboratory. The double testing of real-life scenarios is an exhaustive and rigorous way to create and continuously improve the technical suitability and design of our QUECHUA products. Your constant feedback is also taken into account to constantly improve our offer.


Socks : 46.0% Wool, Socks : 32.0% Polyamide, Socks : 10.0% Acrylic, Socks : 8.0% Polypropylene, Socks : 4.0% Spandex

Storage Instructions

Always make sure the products are completely dry before storing them.



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