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Bad Weather Goggles G-T Max 500

100% anti-UV. Clear lens to see relief in the snow and fog.

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Bad Weather Goggles G-T Max 500 designed for for the skier and the snowboarder looking for an anti-UV and anti-fog mask to ski under a snow shower as well as in the fog.

The G-T MAX 500 goggles are designed for skiing in snow and in the fog with an efficient anti-fog screen. The size L makes it possible to wear prescription glasses with a maximum width of 5.1".
Sun protection

100% anti-UV. Clear lens to see relief in the snow and fog.

Anti fog

High performance anti-fogging, double lens with anti-fogging & ventilated frame

Field of view

Cylindrical lens with wide, horizontal field of vision

User comfort

Ergonomic foam and comfortable foam


40 mm wide elastic, with a double strip of non-slip silicone


2 buckles for adjusting the length of the elastic


Shape perfectly suited to Wed’ze caps

100% UV Protection

Because UV rays are harmful to the eyes, all our goggles are 100% ANTI UV with the EN 174 standard. The goggles are the best means of protection, they perfectly cover the eyes, preventing UV entry through reverberation

Performance anti-fogging

The "OPTIMAL" anti-fogging is a dual ventilated lens with a treatment on the internal surface and lots of air vents on the frame that create air flow inside the ski goggles. To ensure the inside of the goggles are properly ventilated, you need to avoid blocking these air vents, for example with a neck warmer.

Dual screen

Ski goggles with a dual lens to reduce condensation. Indeed, the air trapped between the 2 lenses provides thermal insulation. Thanks to this, the thermal shock between the inside and outside of the goggles is slighter and slows down fogging on the inside of the goggle lens. in addition , the inner lens also has an anti-fogging treatment.

Cylindrical lens

Double cylindrical shape lens, polycarbonate exterior, cellulose proprionate interior, both cut to fit the shape of the goggles.

Compatibility with a ski helmet

All the Wed’ze ski goggles are designed to be perfectly compatible with the Wed’ze ski helmets.

Compatibility with prescription glasses

The Ski SNOW 500 S1 goggles in size L allow for the use of corrective lens with max width of 130 mm. The foam on the sides and the shape of the goggles skirt leave a passage for each arm.


40 mm-wide Polyamide, Polyester and rubber elastic, non-slip silicone strap

EN 174 Standard

The EN 174 is a European standard for goggles used for eye protection when practicing alpine skiing or similar activities such as snowboarding.

Avoiding condensation

Humidity causes the formation of fog. It is therefore best to avoid saturating the foam, for example by placing ski goggles over damp helmets or hats. Falling face down in the snow can also cause your goggles to fog up. This is why in all cases, you must dry your ski goggle overnight, so as to eliminate any trace of moisture and to be able to ski again the next day with a perfectly dry product.

2 sizes

The goggles are selected based upon the head size. Select size S for a head size below 22" (or formerly S/M); from 22", select L (or formerly L/XL)

Product Testing

All the Wed'ze products are tested in actual usage conditions for which they have been designed: in the snow, in the cold and in all the conditions in which you may find yourselves when skiing. The design teams, the product leaders, the engineers and the pattern makers ensure that the program for which the product has been conceived and developed corresponds perfectly to its usage on the slopes.


Elastic band : 36.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Elastic band : 33.0% Polyamide, Elastic band : 31.0% Polyester cationic Lens : 60.0% Polycarbonate, Lens : 40.0% Cellulose Acetate Frame : 100.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane Foam : 100.0% Polyurethane

Storage Instructions

Advice: Store the goggles in a Wed'ze case after use.



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