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Basketball Hoop Official Diameter Ring 500

Basketball Hoop Official Diameter Ring 500

Durable rim; complies with diameter regulations

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Basketball Hoop Official Diameter Ring 500 designed for playing outdoor basketball (all ages). diameter complies with regulations

This basketball rim can be attached to a wall or a board. Withstands inclement weather; steel rim. It is compatible with our B700 and B900 hoops and B700 backboards.

Stainless steel rim which withstands inclement weather.


Can be wall mountedCompatible with the B700 and B900 hoops and B700 backboards.

What are the dimensions and weight of the 500 Tarmak hoop?

Rim dimensions (cm): 45 (inside) / 49 (outside). Official diameter.
Rim weight (lbs): 4.85

Sold without net.

How do you fix a basketball backboard to the wall?

The hardware required to mount your basketball hoop set will depend on the wall where you plan to hang it. Ask your local hardware store for advice if you have any doubts.
If you want your hoop to be at regulation height, the rim should be at 3.05 m.
We also recommend that you never hang from the rim to prevent weakening the mounting system.

What ball should you use?

The ball size depends on the player's age and sex.
Baby basketball: size 1 to 3.
Girls and boys under 10: size 5.
Girls aged 10 and up, women, and boys aged 10 to 12: size 6.
Boys over 12 and men: size 7.

If you want a very durable ball, go for a rubber ball. If you want a ball with a good feel, leather or synthetic are the right materials.

Did you know that all TARMAK products are tested in the lab and in match conditions?

The design team behind the TARMAK products is based at Kipstadium in Northern France. It is constantly aiming to make basketball a more enjoyable experience.
All Tarmak products have been tested in real-life situations by actual players for a number of weeks.
These regular tests, along with customer feedback, help us develop our products.
Lab tests are also carried out to check our products' various properties

Who designs the Tarmak basketball products?

Tarmak is a team of keen basketball players who develop products especially for playing basketball. The entire product range is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding basketball players and to give you maximum enjoyment during training and matches.

What gear to get, how to train: explore our basketball tips!

Tarmak is here for anyone playing basketball, from beginners to regulars. Check out our tips for training, equipping yourself, and playing alone or with friends.


Rim : 100.0% Steel


Do not hang from the hoop.


2 Years



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