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Bodyboarding Surf Boots 100 - 2 mm
Bodyboarding Surf Boots 100 - 2 mm
Bodyboarding Surf Boots 100 - 2 mm
Bodyboarding Surf Boots 100 - 2 mm
Bodyboarding Surf Boots 100 - 2 mm
Bodyboarding Surf Boots 100 - 2 mm

Bodyboarding Surf Boots 100 - 2 mm

For surfing and bodyboarding: grip and feel!

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Bodyboarding Surf Boots 100 - 2 mm designed for occasional surfers and bodyboarders in temperate water, between 17°c and 22°c.

The flexibility of the 2 mm neoprene surf boot gives the impression of surfing barefoot, while providing good grip. Suitable for both surfing and bodyboarding.
Thermal insulation

2 mm neoprene. OK for temperature 63 - 72°F


Ultra-thin sole for better contact with the board.


Polyurethane sole with granulated surface.

Stay warm for longer thanks to our thermal accessories! Each temperature range has its own outfit...

When we are in the water, we lose more than half of our body heat through our extremities (feet, hands, head).
Consequently, here are the recommended accessories:
- in warm water and temperate water (>63°F) => neoprene low booties.
- in cold water (53 - 62°F): High booties (boots) and gloves.
- in very cold water (44 - 53°F): High booties (boots), gloves, hood and hooded top...
Find our entire range of neoprene accessories at

How to choose the right boots

The first selection criterion when choosing a surf boot is the water temperature. Water temperature varies according to the location and the time of the year. Systematically make sure that the water temperature at your spot corresponds to the recommended temperature range: Warm water above 68°F. Temperate water between 62.6 and 71.6°F. Temperate water between 53.6 and 62.6°F. Very cold water between 44.6 and 53.6°F. Visit the site to find out the temperature of your spot.

Choose the right size

Surfing shoes and booties should be a very tight fit to ensure the best possible thermal efficiency. It is perfectly normal to have the impression it is too tight when trying it on in a dry position. Choosing well-fitting shoes and booties ensures a better fit and prevents them swelling with water in use.

Neoprene: how does it work?

By trapping a thin layer of water around the body, a neoprene wetsuit works in two ways: 1. the trapped water gradually reheats 2. heat transfer is reduced. The wetsuit and the thin covering of water form a layer of insulation.


2 mm surf boots are made of neoprene to ensure better thermal insulation. The neoprene is lined with synthetic fabric for added resistance to wear. Neoprene thickness: 2 mm. Neoprene is a closed-cell polychloroprene elastomeric foam with trapped nitrogen bubbles that have insulating properties. We test and guarantee the thermal quality of our neoprene materials.

Thin sole

We chose a thin and light polyurethane sole to favour contact and sensations with the board. Therefore, these boots are not suited to long approach walks: in this case, choose the 3 mm surf boot instead, with its thicker and sturdier sole.

Get the wetsuit to match!

Our wetsuit models are also classified by water temperature range: Warm water, Temperate water, Cold water.
Our wetsuits are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding surfers.
Our design choices also make them compatible with other water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, sea wading or SUP (stand up paddle boarding).
Find the whole range of surfing wetsuits at

Product Testing

Developed and tested by our design teams in Hendaye, France. The components used for this product are laboratory tested to ensure the best possible quality and durability


Foam : 100.0% Rubber - Chloroprene - Neoprene\r\nLining : 100.0% Polyamide


Designed for water between 63 and 72°F.

Storage Instructions

In a dry, ventilated place. Avoid heat sources. To extend the life of your neoprene, do not leave it out to dry in direct sunlight. Machine washing is not recommended.


2 Years



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