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Copy of Beach Volleyball BV100
Copy of Beach Volleyball BV100
Copy of Beach Volleyball BV100
Copy of Beach Volleyball BV100

Copy of Beach Volleyball BV100

Your first beach volleyball!

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Copy of Beach Volleyball BV100 designed for learning beach volleyball. developed by our design team for playing recreational volleyball once per month.

Do you want to discover beach volleyball while having fun? This ball is designed for beginners and is nice and light to make it easier to use. Play on grass, on sand, in the water, or anywhere else!
Ball touch

For a more pleasant feel, this ball contains plastic (PVC).


In lab tests, this ball withstands 5,000 shots at 50 km/h.

A more pleasant ball feel.

The ball's plastic material makes passing more pleasant in rallies. In size large, it weighs between 250 g and 270 g (10% less than official ball weight) and in size small it weighs between 80 g and 100 g.


This ball is waterproof so that you can also play in water!


This beach volleyball is tested in our laboratories. After 5,000 shots on a steel plate at a speed of 50 km/h, it retains its shape and doesn't get punctures.

Product Testing

This product is phthalate-free.


Outer cover : 100.0% Polyvinyl chloride - Phthalate free


In summer, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and thorns!

Storage Instructions

We recommend storing your ball in a dark place.


2 Years



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