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Women's Yoga Cotton Shorts
Women's Yoga Cotton Shorts
Women's Yoga Cotton Shorts
Women's Yoga Cotton Shorts
Women's Yoga Cotton Shorts
Women's Yoga Cotton Shorts

Women's Yoga Cotton Shorts

Enjoy freedom of movement and comfort!

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Women's Yoga Cotton Shorts designed for gentle yoga (hatha, yidra, restorative etc.)

Stretch and soft shorts made of cotton.The high turn-down waist supports the abs and fits any figure, even pregnant women.
Freedom of movement

Elastane added for extra elasticity

Our cultivation methods for this cotton

The cotton of this product is grown without the use of chemicals. The cultivation methods have been specifically designed to reduce the impact on the environment. It helps preserve biodiversity and soil fertility, and reduces the risk of polluting groundwater tables. Finally, water usage is reduced by 60% compared to standard cotton.

Why this cultivation methods?

Breathe, relax, eliminate stress ... yoga is synonymous with wellness. Those practising yoga are conscious of respecting their body's limits, respecting others, and respecting nature. This is why our yoga apparel is made with this cotton, created to reduce its environmental impact.

The Domyos yoga products design include a high-rise turn-down waistband.

Whether you are doing fitness or yoga, staying comfortable throughout your routine is essential. This is why the entire line of Domyos apparel has been designed for freedom of movement. The high-rise turn-down waistband fits any figure well during pranayamas without the need for uncomfortable elastic. Our clothes are designed to allow you to fully focus on your poses and breathing. They are tested in real use and are regularly improved based on considerable customer feedback.

Why do yoga in shorts?

Yoga has its roots in ancient India, and is a discipline that harmonizes body and spirit. Regular practice results in wellness of mind and body. It helps your body become more flexible, strong, and toned. It builds self-confidence, relaxes your body, and reduces stress.Some types of yoga (such as Iyengar) are extremely precise with their poses; The teacher needs to see the legs to be able to correct and help the students.

Product Testing

This garment has undergone washing and drying tests to verify that it retains its shape and color. These tests are performed regularly by an independent laboratory to confirm that our quality standards have been upheld.


Main fabric : 96.0% Cotton, 4.0% Spandex

Care Instructions

We chose this cotton fabric to reduce our environmental impact and respect the ecosystem around cotton production. However, how you care for your garment also impacts the environment. When you wash your garment, skip the pre-wash. Also, washing at 86°F instead of 96°F means energy savings of up to 37%! We recommend using a detergent that has been certified as having a reduced environmental impact and has ecycled packaging.


2 Years



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