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High Frame City Bike Elops 520

Ride comfortably thanks to the seated position typical of roadsters.

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High Frame City Bike Elops 520 designed for regular rides in town ... and enjoying it!

Go for a ride in the city with this fully-equipped, safe, comfortable bike! With its high frame, front rack, and anti-twist coil, you get more propulsion and stability on rides.
User comfort

Ride comfortably thanks to the seated position typical of roadsters.

Easy to use

Make your ride enjoyable: pannier rack, basket, anti-twist coil, 6 speeds

Bike safety

This is a safer bike thanks to its built-in LED lights and durable tires

Lifetime warranty

Keep it for a long time: lifetime warranty on the frame, stem, handlebar, fork.


Ride in pairs: the pannier rack was designed to hold a stationary baby carrier.

Why opt for a high frame?

"Provides improved stiffness and propulsion during rides. With its specific hybrid bike geometry, the steel frame with a high standover height lets you comfortably ride with a straight back.It also has a lifetime warranty! And the sizing? S/M : 5'1" - 5'9", 28-inch wheels; L / XL: 5'9" - 6'5", 28-inch wheels."


Your Elops 520 bike has 6 speeds on an external derailleur for improved versatility on reasonable inclines. Hills and accelerating after a red light become child's play.


For efficient, safe braking, we have equipped your bike with aluminum front and rear caliper V-brakes.

Handlebar / stem / steering

"The Elops 520 is equipped with a steering spring in addition to steel handlebars with ergonomic geometry and an aluminum damper stem (for lighter weight). The result? You are more comfortable while riding and the handlebars do not swing to the side once you lean the bike on the stand."

A steel seat post and a comfortable seat:

"The steel seat post further absorbs vibrations and the screw-in seat clamp collar limits the risk of theft. And the seat? This is our favorite part: after numerous tests, we created this wide seat with hard foam adapted at the pressure points of the glutes on the seat. Why this one? Because it is by far the most comfortable!"


The Elops 520 has 28-inch wheels with a single-wall rim and raw aluminum spokes. To protect your spokes and avoid flat tires, we recommend inflating your tires to a pressure between 3.5 and 4.5 bars. The wheel is attached to a hub with nuts to lower the risk of theft while riding in the city.


"We chose very wide tires (45 mm) so that you can ride comfortably in town: a smooth rolling bike that can easily drive over small obstacles along the way. Not even cobblestones, sewer drains, potholes, or tramway rails can make you lose balance! Inner tubes are equipped with car valves, you can inflate your tires at a service station. To avoid flat tires, we recommend keeping your tires at a constant pressure between 3.5 and 4.5 bars (depending on your weight)

Accessories and fittings to make your journey easier:

"We added a couple of details to make your urban rides easier: The stand is on the rear wheel to stay out of the way while pedaling.The pannier rack can hold 60 lbs (the standard for supporting a baby carrier) and the rack can hold 15 lbs. With the front and rear LED lighting (powered by bottle dynamo), you can say goodbye to batteries: light extends to 100' in front of and 500' behind you. The bike also has mudguards and a chain guard so that you can arrive at work spotless."


"You can add VIOO CLIP lights (sold separately) to the ends of your handlebars to be visible from every angle. We have also added space for a frame lock and a folding lock. Your bike is compatible with the entire B'Twin range of travel bags so that you can ride hands-free. Finally, we took special care to create a pannier rack that would meet all standards so that you can mount your baby carrier in good conscience."

A bike designed for everyday use in town

"Obviously, we wanted to offer a beautiful bike. But also a comfortable, practical, reliable bike! For example: A slightly curved fork for absorbing the vibrations of cobblestones. Double elastic band in the basket for holding your lock. A Z-type reflector on the pannier rack for you to stay visible in all situations. Come try this bike to discover its abundance of carefully designed details!"

We are proud to present...

"...a bike that we entirely redesigned ourselves. And in order to get there, there was a 4-person design team, many discussions with components engineers, mock-ups, prototypes, and huge numbers of tests over the course of 4 years. And in the end, we are thrilled to offer a bike that is both elegant and simply comfortable to make all of your urban outings more joyful :)"

One final tip before getting on the road?

"Fanny, product engineer of the Elops 520, gives advice on how to best utilize your city bike: ""While traveling on a bike is a routine at first, it can quickly become an escape. And caring for your bike is similar to caring for a car: take it to the shop! To fully take advantage of those moments of escape, my advice is to regularly service your tires, brakes, and drivetrain."""


Frame : 100.0% Steel



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