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Cyo Access Spin M
Cyo Access Spin M
Cyo Access Spin M

Cyo Access Spin M

Increases the appeal of your lure

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Cyo Access Spin M designed for advanced lure fishing anglers who want to increase the visibility of their cyo body plug lure in the water.

With a quick, tool-free assembly, this blade increases the brightness and undulation of the CYO lure, creating attractive vibrations for freshwater predatory fish.
Visually efficient

Gives the swimming action of the lure a brightness that attracts fish.

Easy assembly/dismantling

Tool-free assembly thanks to the Fast Fix system.


This blade may be rigged on many other lures.


The Caperlan team of engineers and designers developed and tested this lure in the Gironde region of France.


- stainless steel blade.


Bottle/Body : 100.0% Steel

Care Instructions

Rinse in fresh water and dry hooks after use to limit the risk of oxidation.


2 Years



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