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Essential Gentle Yoga Mat 0.16"
Essential Gentle Yoga Mat 0.16"
Essential Gentle Yoga Mat 0.16"
Essential Gentle Yoga Mat 0.16"
Essential Gentle Yoga Mat 0.16"
Essential Gentle Yoga Mat 0.16"

Essential Gentle Yoga Mat 0.16"

First-price yoga mat to get started

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Essential Gentle Yoga Mat 0.16" designed for gentle yoga: hatha yoga, yin yoga, etc.

A first-price yoga mat that is lightweight, easy to carry and PVC-free to get started with gentle yoga. 4 mm thick. Weight: 350 g.
User comfort

4mm thick for extra softness. Size 172cm X 58cm - Weight 350g


Waffle foam for better hand and foot grip.


4mm, thin enough for balancing poses.

Easy to transport

2 elastic bands to keep the mat rolled up. Easy to store and carry


PE foam (polyethylene)

Which yoga mat to choose?

For gentle yoga (hatha, yin, nidra, relaxation, etc.): put comfort first to protect your knees, ankles and other joints, as well as during inverted poses (the candlestick, the plow, etc.) where you need to be gentle on the neck and spine. Use a mat between 4 and 8 mm thick.
For dynamic yoga (ashtanga, vinyasa, hot yoga, etc.): these styles feature a lot of standing and balancing poses. Prioritize stability (mats between 3 and 5 mm thick), and grip.

Why do Yoga?

Yoga, a practice that has its roots in ancient India, promotes harmony between body and mind. Regular practice results in wellness of mind and body. It helps your body become more flexible, strong and toned. It builds self-confidence, relaxes your body and reduces stress.

Domyos yoga product design

During your yoga sessions, comfort is essential. That's why the whole range of yoga mats was designed for you to practice your poses in comfort. Our products are designed so that you can focus on your poses and breathing.

Materials: Polyethylene

We selected this foam for its lightness and due to it being more eco-friendly than PVC.




172 cm x 58 cm


5 mm


Foam : 100.0% Foamed polyethylene


Do not use for ashtanga types of yoga (light grip).

Care Instructions

Clean with a damp sponge. Add a few drops of essential oils to the water to deodorize and disinfect.


2 Years



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