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Adult Field Hockey Mouthguard Low-Intensity FH100

Compliant with European (EU) regulation 2016/425 and French standard XP S72-427.

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Adult Field Hockey Mouthguard Low-Intensity FH100 designed for adults playing field hockey at low intensity; this mouthguard is suitable for beginners

Protects the teeth and part of the gums. Heat-moldable to fit firmly in place
Shock protection

Compliant with European (EU) regulation 2016/425 and French standard XP S72-427.


Fully covers the teeth and part of the gums.

Anatomic design

Heat-moldable. Creates a snug fit with the lower teeth


The product stays in place if the heat molding was done properly.

Mouth comfort_snorkel

Soft EVA.

Which size?

Mouthguards are available in child and adult sizes. Refer to the product description to choose the right size. Generally speaking, the Kids' size is suitable for children up to age 12. However, this will depend on each child.

Heat molding instructions

For optimal heat molding, read and follow the instructions carefully.

Safety tips

Hockey should be fun. Play safely. Always wear your mouthguard, shin guards and a glove. Use hockey shoes with protective reinforcement and soles designed for your playing surface during matches and training.

Protecting your teeth

A mouthguard is a piece of personal protection equipment. It should meet current regulations, including the PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425. For example, the French standard XP S72-427 requires: - Specific protective thicknesses to prevent perforation. - An integrated ventilation space so users can breathe even with the jaw clenched. - The upper and lower teeth fit together to lock the jaw more effectively (protection against breaks).

Protecting your teeth (cont.)

- Coverage of the gums to prevent teeth loosening. The mouthguard should stay in place when you open your mouth. Replace your mouthguard according to the manufacturer's indications or as soon as it begins to show signs of wear. Refer to the product user guide in case of questions.


Single component EVA (5 mm thick) for resistance to impacts and perforation (3 mm minimum under the incisors and front of the teeth after heat molding). Fully covers the teeth and part of the gums. 2 mm ventilation below the incisors. Complies with the EU regulation 2016/425 on Personal Protection Equipment and the new French standard XP S72-427.

Design (cont.)

EVA ensures the product is easy to mold and fits well. Heat molding helps the top and bottom teeth fit together properly so the jaw can be clenched in the event of a vertical impact. It is suitable for children with both adult and baby teeth. Supplied with a holder for use during heat molding.

Orthodontics? Single or double? Storage case?

Upper teeth only; not suitable for use with orthodontic appliances; supplied with a storage case


This mouthguard was designed by our product development team comprised of field hockey players who are passionate about their sport (product managers, designers, engineers, garment designers, and prototype and lab technicians) as well as Decathlon protection process specialists.


The information here was provided by the manufacturer or observed by our teams from samples received from the manufacturer.

Care advice

Wash in clean water. Leave to dry naturally before putting it back in its storage box (original box). For optimal protection, replace your mouthguard at least once per year or as soon as it starts to show signs of wear.

Product Testing

Our mouthguards are tested in the lab and in the field by our panel of testers under real playing conditions.


Packaging : 100.0% Polypropylene Body : 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Handle : 100.0% Polypropylene

Storage Instructions

Dry your mouthguard completely and keep it in its original case.



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