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Fishing Spinner Weta x2
Fishing Spinner Weta x2
Fishing Spinner Weta x2

Fishing Spinner Weta x2

Effective for all small, freshwater predators

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Fishing Spinner Weta x2 designed for lure fishing for trout and other small freshwater predators.

The vibration and light produced by the spoon triggers attacks from small predators.The bright signals produced by the blade’s movements attract fish to the spoon.
Visually efficient

The light reflected off the pallet attracts fish to the spoon.

Audio efficiency

The vibrations produced by the spinner trigger an aggressive response from fish.


For small freshwater predatory fish.


- ballast in nickel
- pallet in nickel-plated
steel - hooks in steel


TEAM CAPERLAN engineers and designers developed and tested this lure in the Gironde region of France.

Product Testing

The hooks of the Kiore #2 have a dynamic tensile strength of over 6.6 lbs. The metal components show their first signs of oxidization after 48 hours of continuous exposure to salt spray.

Overall size

1 and 2

Weight #1


Weight #2



Frame : 100.0% Lead

Storage Instructions

Store lure in a dry place, away from sunlight.

Care Instructions

Dry hooks after use to reduce the risk of corrosion.


2 Years



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