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Golf Ball 100 x12
Golf Ball 100 x12
Golf Ball 100 x12

Golf Ball 100 x12

Perfect for playing your first rounds of golf

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Golf Ball 100 x12 designed for golf - beginners

Perfect for playing your first rounds of golf

The compression as well as the material provide softness rated at 1/5

Ball control

2-piece construction spin transfer is rated at 1/5.

The details make the difference.

Construction: 2-piece
Cover: Surlyn
Core: Rubber
Number of dimples: 440
Compression: 85

Inesis design process.

We design our products to give you what you want when you golf. Thanks to your feedback, the Inesis team of golf enthusiasts further elaborates each product so that golf is always a pleasure.

Product Testing

The ball was subjected to durability testing to check impact resistance to repeated hitting. Testing is conducted by an outside laboratory to ensure that our quality requirements are being met throughout the design process. Despite testing, should the ball not be satisfactory to you, please leave a review and we will get back to you to discuss!


Inner tent : 100.0% Rubber - Synthetic\r\nOuter fabric : 100.0% Other fibers


Not accredited for tournament play.

Care Instructions

Clean the golf ball as often as possible, ideally between shots (tee-off and before putting). Inspect your golf ball frequently; good condition guarantees the best flight and greater accuracy.


2 Years



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