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Horse Riding Initiation Reins

Horse Riding Initiation Reins

Four bright colors!

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Horse Riding Initiation Reins designed for leading a horse.

Four bright colors!

Highly durable buffalo leather.

User comfort

Four colors to help riders position their hands correctly.

Easy to use

Stainless steel hardware.


Rubber rein grips to aid the learning process. Available in four colors.

Easy to maintain

See care advice.

Tips before using your leather tack for the first time or restoring leather items

Double check that you have selected the correct size for your horse.
STAGE 1: Clean the leather using glycerine soap and a sponge. Let dry. STEP 2: Essential for new, dry or cracked leather. Not recommended for leather that is already soft. Apply the oil using a cloth, paying particular attention to the underside. Allow it to soak in. STEP 3: For all types of leather: Use a cloth to apply the grease, leave to soak in and polish for a shiny finish. Recommended once a month.

Care advice:

After each use, clean leather with glycerine soap using a slightly damp sponge. Oil new leather.

Length of reins:

Length: 157". This length is ideal for horses; it makes it possible to work the horse round and low easily.


100% buffalo leather. SEBS rein grip.

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place.

Care Instructions

Oil new leather. Care for using glycerine soap.


2 Years



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