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Horse Riding Stirrup Leathers Schooling

Horse Riding Stirrup Leathers Schooling

Stirrup leathers lined to prevent stretching.

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Horse Riding Stirrup Leathers Schooling designed for beginner riders, riding once or twice per week.

The lining makes the leathers more resistant to stretching.

Polypropylene lining keeps reins from stretching and ensures symmetry.


Numbered holes every 30 mm.

Easy to maintain

Leather requires regular maintenance with glycerine soap.


Full grain buffalo leather, 100% polypropylene lined straps, nickel plated steel fittings.

Storage Instructions

Store hung up in a cool, dry, sheltered place.

Care Instructions

Regularly clean and hydrate the leather with leather milk or glycerine soap. Nourish the leather with leather balm or grease around once a month depending on how often it is used and on weather conditions.


2 Years



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