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Hunting Hood Actikam Stealth
Hunting Hood Actikam Stealth
Hunting Hood Actikam Stealth
Hunting Hood Actikam Stealth
Hunting Hood Actikam Stealth
Hunting Hood Actikam Stealth
Hunting Hood Actikam Stealth

Hunting Hood Actikam Stealth

Camouflage and light weight

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Hunting Hood Actikam Stealth designed for for big game stalking and still hunting. suitable for hunting small migratory birds and standing on drives.

Stretch fabric, breathability, integral face camouflage which doesn't impede vision.
Noise level

Very quiet fabric and assembly, ideal for stalking

Freedom of movement

Stretch fabric and seams for maximum comfort


Thin ultra-lightweight water-repellent fabric wicks away perspiration


1.23 oz


The FURTIV pattern lets you blend into nature in all seasons.


This hunting hood has the exclusive FURTIV camouflage pattern.
This camouflage is designed and made using very high-definition graphic tools:
- marked depth effect between foreground and background
- numerous light contrasts are very effective on large game at all hours of the day, and at dawn/dusk.
- effectively breaks up the outline of the human form.
- lets you blend into the surroundings in all seasons and all environments.


The material and thickness of this camouflage balaclava have been selected to provide maximum comfort during your camouflaged hunting trips.
The fabric is very thin and light for maximum breathability and excellent moisture management.The fabric and seams are elasticated, and the balaclava is cut very close to the face, allowing it to adapt to all shapes and sizes so you'll forget you're wearing it.


This balaclava provides full camouflage for the head, face and neck, and has 2 openings:
- the eye opening provides perfect visibility including to the sides, and the stretch fabric means you can adjust the balaclava for best fit around the eyes
- the nose and mouth opening let you breath freely, which is very important to prevent fogging of your binoculars, especially when stalking or hide hunting.


Main fabric : 87.0% Polyester cationic, Main fabric : 13.0% Spandex

Storage Instructions

in a dry well-ventilated place.


2 Years



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