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Itiwit 10' Ultra-compact Stand Up Paddle Board - (max 285 lb)

Sale price: $429.00 Regular price: $499.00

A lightweight (just 8 kg) and easy-to-use inflatable paddleboard for your family adventures.Ultra-compact, it fits into a 30 L backpack for easy transport on foot, skateboard, or bike, etc.

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Sale price: $429.00 Regular price: $499.00

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San Francisco, 735 Market St. Options

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About this item:

  • Ultra Compact: Fit in a 30L backpack
  • Stable Design
  • Rigid and portable inflatable SUP using drop stitch technology
  • Pump and Paddle Sold Separately
  • Recommended user weight: Less than 130lb (60 kg): ultra-stable board.
  • Recommended user weight: 130 to 175lb (60 to 80 kg) : very stable board.
  • Recommended user weight: Over 175lb (80 kg): ideal board for easily starting out.
  • Can be used by more than one person : 1 adult + 2 kids or 2 adults (seated/standing)
Model: 8642807

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Product Features

A photo of the Itiwit 10' Ultra-compact Stand Up Paddle Board - (max 285 lb) in use
A photo of the Itiwit 10' Ultra-compact Stand Up Paddle Board - (max 285 lb) in use

Itiwit 10' Ultra-compact Stand Up Paddle Board - (max 285 lb) | Our team of enthusiasts developed this ultra-compact stand up paddle board for users weighing up to 175lb (130kg). This SUP is so light it can be taken anywhere

A lightweight (just 8 kg) and easy-to-use inflatable paddleboard for your family adventures.Ultra-compact, it fits into a 30 L backpack for easy transport on foot, skateboard, or bike, etc.

Compact design

This incredibly compact board fits into a small 30 L backpack.


Designed for a maximum weight of 130 kg.Maximum load for buoyancy: 315 kg

Easy to transport



8 kg! Lightweight and easy to handle, from carrying in your bag to launching.

User comfort

Foam deck for comfort and grip.Split in half for folding

Product Lifestyle Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Itiwit 10' Ultra-compact Stand Up Paddle Board - (max 285 lb), deep petrol blue Image 1 of 5 

Itiwit 10' Ultra-compact Stand Up Paddle Board - (max 285 lb), deep petrol blue Image 2 of 5 

Itiwit 10' Ultra-compact Stand Up Paddle Board - (max 285 lb), deep petrol blue Image 3 of 5 

Itiwit 10' Ultra-compact Stand Up Paddle Board - (max 285 lb), deep petrol blue Image 4 of 5 

Itiwit 10' Ultra-compact Stand Up Paddle Board - (max 285 lb), deep petrol blue Image 5 of 5

Questions & Answers

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What pump do I use with this board? Is it a standard iSUP pump?


A Standard iSUP pump will do for this SUP. All the SUP pump we are selling on will fit this SUP.

By Yann on Aug 29, 2023 | STAFF

Product Customer Reviews

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87 Reviews
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Itiwit 10' Ultra-compact Stand Up Paddle Board - (max 285 lb), deep petrol blue Image 5 of 5
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Very good and stable

Very stable board that can be packed very compactly. The board gives a stable and high-quality impression. The standing surface made of "foam rubber" is unfortunately not very pressure-resistant and the marks from folding remain visible for a long time. Unfortunately, we already had a scratch in it after using it twice. Otherwise, setting it up and taking it down works without any problems. The sub is very stable in the water and does not tip over. The straight run is not so good due to the two short fins, two longer ones would probably be better. Overall, OK for the price.

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After 15 days of…

After 15 days of use in Corsica, very satisfied with the paddle, very stable even with 3 three people on top of 150 kg. Easy to store if you follow the instructions. By its folding design I think it is slower on the water due to its before going back up less but to navigate quietly it's not serious at all.

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Great product - used…

Great product - used twice already and without any problems. Remember to take the oar that folds into 5 if you want to further optimize transport and compactness.

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the quality is very very bad

I inflated the product once and used it for a day. There are yellow stains at many points on the connection points. I thought it would come off after use, but it didn't! Big disappointment.

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I advise

It's fine, we can ride with 2 people. We can easily carry a total of 180 kilos.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

Very satisfied with the board and the service received

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Good overall

I used the product for about a year and a half. In terms of size, it is a product I prefer to use with my child. In this sense, it is very useful and very balanced. However, speed and maneuverability are low for a single person. I haven't seen anything better in terms of portability and space-saving. On the negative side, the Board started to leak air from the folding point on its upper side. This was the disadvantage of folding a lot and tightly to take up less space.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

Exploded after all of a sudden after use on the beach. I called the customer service and after they asked me a lot of questions, they decided that it was my fault because I left it in the sun for 10 minutes. I am disappointed to say the least. Everyone should think again before spending $400 on this product.

very good but difficult to fit in the bag

Really had fun with this paddle. but the worry. You don't have to mess up when folding otherwise it won't fit. The bag would have to be 4 cm larger for it to fit without problem. Really very narrow.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Price quality

To share my family. Very stable and good quality!

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
excellent leisure paddle

used every day for a week! stable…. easy to inflate and deflate thanks to the new valve (****) compared to my old paddle

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Top good buoyancy, small pack size, but..

The best first! I didn't expect how well the board performed on the water. But first things first: The best thing is the small pack size, but of course it comes from the factory without a single cc of air and you can hardly manage to make it that thin again later on, then the stress starts to stuff it back into the super small backpack... (despite the instructions provided) so I strongly recommend that you either plan a bigger backpack or build in an extension option! You don't get wet feet thanks to the 6cm board thickness, which also helps with buoyancy. This means you can make good progress and can also carry a lot of extra weight without the buoyancy weakening. The deck pad took on the pattern of my water shoe profile after just 10 minutes and hasn't changed since... a bit of a shame, doesn't look high quality and certainly won't be this nice for long... Another drawback for me is unfortunately the poor straight line, after a maximum of 3 paddle strokes the board turns. The new valve system is a great idea in itself, but I'm worried that it could quickly get damaged if you're not careful and release the flap open, especially with this somewhat more complex, tight folding technique. And the fins are made of a terrible plastic that breaks easily... that's not possible! Normally they're made of such a slightly flexible material that they don't break immediately. These ones can break quickly. Especially if you have children who don't pay much attention to the ground, I can see problems soon. Scratches and wear... As a final point, we have to see how often you can actually fold the board so small without folding damage, we have to observe that. For beginners and those who want to have a bit of fun and are looking for an island on the water, who need this cardinal advantage of a small pack size, this is a good choice, great value for money. But of course there are many boards that already offer a complete package for 50 EUR more, all of that has to be bought separately here and then the overall pack size increases again of course! Anyone who has been SUPing for a while, is experienced and enjoys long tours and speed while traveling straight ahead will quickly reach their limits with this board. Nevertheless, it is still worth recommending.

The backpack is not OK

I don't like that the backpack is very small. It is very difficult to collect after use.

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Excellent inflatable paddle surf

Without a doubt, the inflatable paddle surf board with the best features on the market.

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A nice purchase

Purchased for my wife, we use it all the time. Family and we are super satisfied.

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Size Guide

Size Guide Visual

Additional Product Information


Main part: 70.0% Polyvinyl Chloride, 30.0% Polyester ; Foam: 75.0% Polyethylene, 25.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate ; Carry bag: 100.0% Polyester

Recommended user weight and maximum load

Recommended user weight:Less than 60 kg: ultra-stable board. 60 to 80 kg : very stable board.Over 80 kg: ideal board for easily starting out. CAN BE USED BY MORE THAN ONE : 1 adult + 2 kids or 2 adults (seated/standing) Maximum load to not fall in the water: 315 kg.

Inflating & deflating the stand up paddleboard

INFLATION:The SUP is equipped with a new-generation valve to guarantee even more security. To inflate your SUP, open the cap and connect the pump (“IN” mode).Inflate to 15 psi for best results.Disconnect the pump and close the outer cap.DEFLATING:Turn the cap a quarter clockwise (“OUT” mode).Roll, starting from the opposite side to the valve to remove all the air for tight folding.Close the cap.

For a compact fold, follow our method

Completely deflate the board.Roll up the product a first time to expel the air through the open valve.Unroll the board and lay out flat. Fold it lengthways with the fin bases positioned outwards.Roll up from front to back.Use the compression strap to keep it rolled up and help you fit it into the bag.For more details, check out our videos online available on the product page.

Fins and fin bases

2 118 mm fins for paddling in shallow water.Available from our after-sales service and online if lost or broken (8502106)Remember to remove the fins once you get off the water.For your safety, protect your hand if you need to apply force to the rear of the fin to remove it in the event of blockage with sand.If possible, rinse the bases of the fins before and after using the stand-up paddle board for easier fin installation and removal.

Technical dimensions

INFLATABLE BOARD:Length: 10' (305 cm)Width: 35” (89 cm)Thickness: 6” (15 cm)Volume: 325 litresWeight: 8 kg (-10%)When folded:Height: 60 cmWidth: 38 cmThickness: 22 cm30 L (approx.) carry bag that can hold the pump and paddle on the outside.

Our boards can be repaired!

We have a stand-up paddleboard repair kit, reference 8512384.We recommend that you contact the workshop of your local store for all repairs.We can repair bases of the fins, handles, valves and significant leaks


Very lightweight leash that you won't even know is there during use and is easy to store.Always wear your leash to stay attached to your board if you fall. To avoid damaging the leash and leaving marks on your folded board, remove and rinse after each use.This leash attaches to the ankle.PLEASE NOTE: don’t use the leash on the river.

Bag contents

Storage backpack Compact board LFins X2Leash InstructionsRepair patch

Directions for use

We recommend:Using a buoyancy aid jacket (reference 8501295) or a buoyancy aid belt (reference 8600104)Not suitable for paddling further than 300 m from shelter.Don’t use the leash on the river.Notify someone of your trip and your whereabouts.Research to find out if there are any local navigation rules that apply to the location of your trip.

Storage instructions

Roll up and the product once completely dry and store in its bag for long-term storage.If you have no shortage of storage you can store the inflated product flat.


2-YEAR guarantee.Availability of spare parts essential to the use of the product: 10 years




Size Guide Visual

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