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Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak

Sale price: $1,099.00 Regular price: $1,299.00

The rigid kayak that fits in a backpack, would you believe it? We innovate! Powerful, light, robust, and easy to inflate, the Strenfit kayak takes you on long-distance trips all year round!

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Sale price: $1,099.00 Regular price: $1,299.00

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About this item:

  • Rigid and portable inflatable kayak using drop stitch technology
  • V-shape Hull for glide performance & maneuverability
  • 10PSI, Inflate in 3 minutes!
  • Storage space using the rear hatch
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • Pump and Paddle Sold Separately
Model: 8666959

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Product Features

Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak | We worked with a naval architect to design this inflatable kayak for intermediate kayakers. Tour all day long at sea or on lakes or calm rivers.

The rigid kayak that fits in a backpack, would you believe it? We innovate! Powerful, light, robust, and easy to inflate, the Strenfit kayak takes you on long-distance trips all year round!

A photo of the Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak in use
A photo of the Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak in use


2 cleverly placed cargo areas to transport up to 275 lbs, you included :)

Glide performance

Great sensations! The V-shaped hull limits friction on the water.

Easy assembly/dismantling

Inflate in 3 minutes using a double-action hand pump to 10 PSI (0.7 bar)

User comfort

A very dense foam seat suitable for your full-day touring.

Anatomical design

Adjust the footrests to your size in the cockpit area whenever you want.


The coating lets you use your spray deck so that you can paddle in all seasons


Reinforcements in the areas exposed to friction, leaving you free to paddle.

Quick dry

The kayak is waterproof. Simply dry it with a towel.

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Image Gallery

Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak, unspecified Image 1 of 5 

Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak, unspecified Image 2 of 5 

Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak, unspecified Image 3 of 5 

Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak, unspecified Image 4 of 5 

Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak, unspecified Image 5 of 5

Questions & Answers

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What type of pressure valve does the Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Inflatable Kayak use for inflating? Thanks!


This kayak uses the High pressure Bravo valve. The same type you find on most of the SUPs.

By Yann on June 6, 2023 | STAFF


What are the official X500 (V2 1-person) cockpit dimensions for fitting a spray skirt? Will Decathlon’s Itiwit X500 spray skirt be available in the USA?


Yes our Itiwit spraydeck will be back in stock within 3 weeks. The dimension is what we called "Standard big deck" all big deck spraydeck will fit.

By Yann on Sep 18, 2023 | STAFF


The material is listed as "PVC." Is there a denier rating associated with the kayak material? I'm curious about the kayaks durability in shallow water with rocks and submerged logs. Thanks!


There is no denier rating for PVC as it is not textile but Vinyl. There will be no problem with logs and rocks as long as they are not sharp.

By Yann on Oct 11, 2023 | STAFF


Is The spray skirt for the 500 back in stock? If so save one for me thanks. Larry.


Stock is available ref 8801423 KAYAK SPRAYDECK X500.

By Cyril on Jan 11, 2024 | STAFF


When will the new model of the Itiwit x500 be available for purchase?


Unfortunately, we will no longer be selling our kayaks in the USA. We won't have the new Itiwit X500 kayak.

By Benoit on Mar 26, 2024 | STAFF

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Itiwit Adult X500 V2 Dropstich High Pressure Adventure 1 Person Inflatable Kayak, unspecified Image 5 of 5
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icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
I'm satisfied

The product fits in the trunk. If it is on the back, I can walk for about 15 minutes. The installation is completed in 10 minutes. After use, rinse it with a wet cloth and dry it. If you deflate it with the help of a pump, you can easily put it back in its bag. It is very important to deflate it completely. Its speed is as good as recreational skis.

Top price/performance

I have been kayaking for around 70km over the last two months. On lakes with lots of wind and waves and on small, winding rivers. With good technique, the boat always travels straight and is forgiving of beginners' mistakes. As a beginner, I was surprised that I had an average speed of 4.9kmh over long distances (12km). On short distances, 7.5kmh was no problem.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
I am happy :-)

My opinion is based on a 14 km paddle trip through the Rursee. I normally use a Prijon Dayliner. Setting it up was easy. Getting in was no problem either. The speed was comparable to the Prijon Dayliner. The X500 felt lighter, though. The straight line was good as long as you were paddling. You never missed having a steering system. Dismantling and packing it up wasn't an easy task, but that was probably my fault. Some reviews said that the boat capsized easily. That wasn't an issue on the Rursee, at least. The boat takes up a lot of space in the trunk. And the 20 kg have to be carried first. Overall, I'm very happy with the boat.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Skeg desperately needed

An intermediate kayaker, wanted an upgrade after 5 years using my Intex Excursion Pro on long distances in rough sea. Boy, it's fast..I felt a little bit unsure and afraid not to type, but this was not my main problem. It was impossible to paddle hard and keep it straight..Hard right, hard left, I was zigzagging and at some point running in circles. All the wonderful speed was wasted trying to correct my trajectory. I will try to stick one or two skegs, but the first impression is that somebody missed his physics lesson about weather cocking. Good points: -easy to inflate/ deflate - very, very fast - very good construction - very good and comfortable carry bag - good price/ quality Bad: -no pump/ paddle included - NO SKEG!!(not included, not even optional ). Very tricky to maintain trajectory in windy/rough sea conditions - the Itwit spray skirt is a nightmare to put in place, my fingers hurt - not the most spacious or easy to entry for a 190 cm person

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Good practical kayak

Good product!

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
A top kayak!!

Really very happy with this kayak! It inflates in just a few minutes and is very light! I started with 100 inflation with the big tubes, and I absolutely don't regret having swapped for this one! A pleasure to paddle!

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Itiwit x 500 1 person kayak

Can someone help as can’t get answer from decathlon. I’m yet to purchase the itiwit x500. Are the kayaks now the version 2 with the version 1 now discontinued ? Thanks

High-performance kayak for an inflatable

I bought the X500 used. I have been kayaking for 12 years (rigid deck and high pressure inflatable). Compared to other brands of inflatable kayak, it sets up very quickly. It is very rigid, relatively light and at sea it behaves very well as long as you have a minimum of practice. I recommend it to beginners with a bit of perseverance. The absence of a keel means that the X500 slides in side winds but this makes it playful and does not penalize it too much. Cleaning/rinsing the boat is a bit tedious because certain parts are difficult to access: the inside of the bow and the front part of the deck (at the elastics). Folding the X500 does not pose a problem except when temperatures are low: the plastic becomes rigid, the kayak is difficult to store in its bag. In the end, I don't regret my purchase, the X500 fulfills its mission perfectly for day trips. Attention !! (and it's regrettable): not all skirts fit this kayak and I had to buy the skirt offered by Decathlon.

This kayak (version 2) is definitely not a returner. If you have ever fallen on sea kayaks such as the Rainbow Laser Expedition and had no problems, you won't have them here either.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

Completely meets my expectations, easy to set up and fold, very efficient for an inflatable.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Excellent kayak

Kayak that does not ask anything of a rigid, it is quite stable, light and very fast, I know that there are other more recent versions with pedals and rudder, I hope they sell them here in Mexico

ATTENTION! It leads to addiction!

He has been my faithful companion on the water for the fourth year and I have been enriched by wonderful experiences. After several months of research, I voted for him. I used it on multi-day tours on the Danube, Tisza, Balaton, Istria, in rain, frost, storm, and heatwave. Kudos to the manufacturers for designing it so well! Everything I need and my own equipment fits in the bag. There is the packing and folding technique, which if you learn, you can go surprisingly fast. I managed to pack everything in the bag within 15 minutes, ready for the trip. Pump, rope, sponge, lamp, vest, wave apron, phone case, waterproof suit, neoprene shoes and even the neoprene suit. So, if I felt like it in Budapest, even at night, when the city is beautifully lit up, I could go down the Danube with a complete bag and then go home by public transport. Except for the plane, I have traveled with him on all means of public transport and so far I have not had any negative experiences. Not on BKV either. At home, I always clean it up, dry it and put it away like that. So far, no tearing, loosening or breakage has occurred on it, and it has been used normally. I managed to complete several bucket list points with it, so we can practically consider this kayak as my second pair. I can say that my real partner loves it too and our threesome relationship is balanced and not lacking in continuous experiences. I recommend it to everyone who wants to think about their life in exceptional locations, or who just wants to get away from the noise of everyday life.

Great kayak

I am completely satisfied with the product. The deciding factors for the purchase were the price and the quick and easy assembly. Many Internet posts describe the kayak as unstable and difficult to drive - I cannot agree with this opinion. Yes, with the V-shaped hull shape it is more tippy in the water, but it can be driven faster and is therefore suitable for water hiking. I'm an absolute beginner and have already done a "wet exit" with the kayak, but I'm still very satisfied. It's not a SUP on which you can daydream, but rather a piece of sports equipment that requires a certain amount of concentration.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

Very well designed product with enormous potential, shame about the numerous losses due to openings both outside and inside the kayak (the latter under the seat)
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Additional Product Information


Main fabric: 100.0% Polyvinyl Chloride ; Inside shell - Main fabric: 100.0% Polyester ; Foam part: 100.0% Polyethylene

What are the dimensions and weight?

”When the kayak is inflated:> length: 12'6”> width: 25.2”When stored in its bag:> height: 37”> width: 19.7”> thickness: 10.6”> full weight: 39.7 lbs (kayak itself 35.3 lbs)Hatch storage: 24”

An innovation, and a patent pending!

The initial idea? Design our dream kayak: A high-performance inflatable kayak that we can take with us everywhere with its backpack, in short: freedom! To get to this stage, 30 months of studying and developing 7 prototypes - which we call in our jargon a ”mock-up” - were required. The main challenge was: to provide rigidity and performance in an inflatable kayak. Which is why we patented the cut shape and the unique blend of materials we used.

Why a rigid inflatable kayak?

”We listened to kayakers: ”I have a good level in kayaking and I want an inflatable kayak that has the same performance as a rigid kayak,” ”I want to go kayaking using public transport,” ”Inflatable kayaks are nice, but I want a kayak that is goes fast!”So we had to make a high-performing kayak that was easily transportable. Innovation was the only option

Marc ronet, naval architect tells us about the adventure with decathlon:

”My work involved defining the overall geometry of the kayak, its general balance. When Itiwit called me, I was surprised but very interested. I love kayaking, so we had that in common. We were able to build on our respective knowledge. It was an amazing experience!”

Why the name ”kayak x500 dropstitch”?

”The ”dropstitch” is a material. 2 layers of PVC are connected by thousands of polyester strands. When inflated to high pressure, these threads tighten and create a rigid volume, which prevents the kayak from loosing its shape.Which is what makes our inflatable kayak extremely rigid but easy to stow in a backpack once deflated.”

How was the design worked?

True teamwork between the engineer, the architect, and the product manager. Emmanuelle designed the product according to the technical constraints. We can talk about functional design. The dark gray corresponds to paddling zone, the light gray to the cargo area, and orange to visibility needs.

How to inflate and mount the kayak?

”1. Inflate the main chamber (floor), then the intermediate chambers (walls), followed by the small chambers (arches). All the volumes are inflated to 10 PSI max (0.7 bar).2. You can insert the footrests on the flexible guides, push them inside the kayak, and adjust to your leg length with the buckle.3. Position the seat by fitting it onto the shims provided. 4. Position the backrests under the coaming.We recommend the HP Itiwit twin-action hand pump (8387655), not supplied.”

How to disassemble and deflate the kayak?

”You'll see it's quite simple!1. Make sure the folding surface is clean.2. Remove the seat.3. Remove the footrests 4. Deflate the kayak by removing the cap and pressing the valve. (Leave the valve in the open position for air to escape)5. Tuck in the hatch and start folding lengthwise.”

How to fold it up to put it in the bag?

”1. We recommend placing the canvas of the bridge inside the fold. 2. Fold the keel over its entire length. This fold ensures that the width of the kayak is the same as that of the bag.3. Fold each end toward the inside of the kayak and line up the ends with the Itiwit logo.4. Slot the seat in the last fold of the kayak and finish expelling air from the kayak by pressing on it.5. Finishing step: Strap the kayak (a good strap makes it easier to put it in the bag).”

Product testing

Our kayak is tested and approved by our internal and external ambassadors.Some examples? Nicolas traveled the Dordogne with this kayak: 81 miles in 1 dayFrançois went down the Danube from Ulm in Germany to Sulina in Romania on the Black Sea: 1,616 miles!Find their stories and our videos on the itiwit website.

Storage instructions

Dry, deflate, fold up. Store your kayak in its bag in a cool, dry place.


Guaranteed availability of spare parts essential to use of product: 2 yearsAvailability: 10 years




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