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Kids Field Hockey Wooden Beginner Stick FH100

Sale price: $10.00 Regular price: $14.99

The 100% wood material of this hockey stick absorbs impacts from the ball, offering comfort and better control

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Sale price: $10.00 Regular price: $14.99

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Model: 8511123

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Product Features

Kids Field Hockey Wooden Beginner Stick FH100 | young beginner hockey players who need control and flex.

The 100% wood material of this hockey stick absorbs impacts from the ball, offering comfort and better control

A photo of the Kids Field Hockey Wooden Beginner Stick FH100 in use

Directional control

The 100% wood material maximizes control.


The 100% wood material provides a little power.

Easy to handle

The standard bow is good for learning new skills.

Vibration dampening

The wood absorbs most vibrations.

Ergonomic grip

Classic grip, smooth surface, held flat.


The wood has low durability, particularly to abrasion.

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23 Reviews
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Kids Field Hockey Wooden Beginner Stick FH100,neon lemon lime
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Bought just before lockdown to introduce my 5 yr old to hockey. Lovely and reasonable price to knock a ball round the garden.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

Great to see this and we hope they are enjoying the wonderful game! Maybe they'll be the next Esme Burge or Jacob Draper ;-)


UK Hockey Leader

Try a nee sport

For a small price. So we did. Kids love it. Great quality.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Good product

Loved this product for my kid

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

Hello Rajesh,

Thank you for your rating & feedback. We are motivated to make better products thanks your recommendation.

Please check our new products coming next year.

Thanks & regards


Excellent product

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase


Thank you for your positive message. It's a pleasure to read you!

See you soon


Good Stick For Kids Below 10 Years

Good stick for gravel ground for kids. Would suggest for beginners. 7-10 years..

Beginners Hockey Stick

A good light stick for beginners but should b used on appropriate surface only. If used on hard surface like concrete or road surface, stick will be damaged

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Hello Lawrence,

Thank you for leaving a review on our FH100 Piranha field hockey stick.
Glad to hear that you like our product.The stick is lightweight and it is suitable for beginners.

Kindly ensure to use the stick on astro turf pitch in order not to damage it.
I hope to see you around in store.

Field Hockey Sports Leader
Super Schläger für unseren Lütten

Hält was er verspricht und der Preis ist super, kann ich nur empfehlen.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase


Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Kommentar zum Preis unseres Hockeyprodukts.

Seh dich später


Feldhockeyschläger für Kinder

Top Qualität! Super Preis!

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Guter Schläger für den Anfang oder Garten

Guter Schläger für den Anfang oder um im Garten zu spielen.

Perfecto para iniciar los peques en el hockey

Es ligero y económico

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Basse qualité

Utilisé par mon fils de 6 ans, il s'est fendu après 6 semaines sans qu'il ne frappe autre part que dans la balle.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase


Je suis désolé de lire ce retour négatif et constate que le stick n'a pas du tout répondu à vos attentes. Ce n'est évidemment pas normal qu'il soit abimé si rapidement.

Dès lors, je vous invite a revenir en magasin pour vous faire rembourser du produit.

De notre côté, nous allons travailler avec les ingénieurs pour que cela ne se reproduise plus à l'avenir.

Merci encore pour votre retour et excellente journée à vous!


stick hockey enfnt débutant Kipsta

Très bon pur mon petit fils qui n'avait encore jamais utilisé un stick de hockey au contraire de son grand-père

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

un cadeau de Noël pour un petit joueur de hockey sur gazon ! il se régale à l'entraînement avec ! super pour débuter !

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase


C'est génial de lire cela! Merci beaucoup pour ce commentaire si agréable.

Excellente journée à vous et à très vite!


c'est pas pour moi…

c'est pas pour moi ; je n'y connais rien

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase


Merci tout de même pour votre avis et achat!

D'ores et déjà une excellente année 2022 à vous!


excellent produit…

excellent produit

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
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Additional Product Information



  • 100% Wood

Grip 1

  • 100% Polyurethane

Bow and weight

Standard bow; weight: 12.3 oz in size 28"


Laminated mulberry wood (5 layers). Standard head. Sleeve and shaft diameter adapted to the child. Polyurethane (PU) grip (1.8 mm thick) for a good grip.

What are hockey sticks made of?

While hockey sticks were traditionally made from wood (oak, mulberry), today most sticks (and especially the most technical) are made from composites (fiberglass, carbon fiber and Aramid fiber; Kevlar is the brand name of a type of Aramid). Sticks may also be 100% wood, in wood with fiberglass reinforcements, 100% fiberglass, in fiberglass with a fairly high carbon content (often 5%-10% Aramid when the percentage of carbon is very high).

Features and uses

Fiberglass is harder and more rigid, lightweight and abrasion resistant than wood. It will give you more power but less control and a greater feeling of hardness. Carbon is lighter and more rigid still, providing even greater power and less control if your technical skills aren't at a high level. Aramid is used in addition to carbon in the shaft to dampen vibrations. It may also be used in the heel for increased abrasion resistance.

How is a composite stick made?

A stick made of composites is made of several sheets of fiber rolled around a hollow core, which is made of 1 or more channels. The mix of components, the number of fiber layers and the core structure vary in the different sections of the stick and from one stick to another. The percentage of carbon alone does not tell you very much about a stick's features.

Choosing the right composition

Children just learning to play should opt for wooden sticks. As they improve, they can switch to a fiberglass stick and later to a stick with a reasonable percentage of carbon. Adult beginners can start out with a fiberglass stick. Adults at an intermediate or advanced level should choose a carbon percentage that corresponds to their playing style (a balance of control and power).

What is the bow on a stick?

A hockey stick is not straight but rather has a curve (called the bow). The curve varies by its maximum height (the maximum vertical space between a stick set on a flat surface and that surface) and the place where this height is at its maximum, measured from the tip of the head (called the bow position). Traditionally, sticks had a bow height of around 15 mm and a bow position around halfway up the stick.

Types of bows

A "standard bow" is when the bow height is around 17 mm to 20 mm and the bow position is at 300 mm. A "mid bow" stick generally has a bow height of around 23 mm to 24 mm with a bow position at 300 mm. For a "low bow" stick, these measurements are usually 24 mm to 25 mm and 250 mm. An "extra low bow" stick will be 24 mm to 25 mm and 200 mm.

Choosing the right bow

Beginners should choose a standard bow. Intermediate or advanced players looking mainly for ball control, passing and shooting should choose a mid bow. Advanced players who dribble a lot and have strong 3D skills and perfect control during quick play can go for a low bow stick. For drag flicking, choose an extra low bow.

Stick weights

According to FIH rules, the maximum stick weight for field hockey is 1 lb 10 oz (737 g). Most adult sticks (sizes 36.5"-37.5") weigh between 1.1 lbs and 1.3 lbs. Children's sticks start at 14.1 oz. Stick weights may vary by 0.7 oz to 1.1 oz even for the same model due to manufacturing processes.

Why is balance important?

For sticks of equal weight, the way the weight is distributed across the stick is what makes the difference. The balance is the gravity point as measured from the tip of the head. A balance closer to the handle will feel light. This makes handling easier. A balance closer to the head (called head heavy) will feel like there's more weight in the hands. This increases the stick's power.

Choosing the right weight and balance

If you need maneuverability, choose a lightweight stick with a higher balance. If you're looking for power, choose a heavy stick with a lower balance.

Which size?

Stick sizes are given in inches. 1" = 2.54 cm. For children, place the stick vertically with the head on the ground in front of the child (have them stand up straight). Choose a stick with a handle that comes up to the child's navel. For adults, the standard size is 36.5".

Did you know?

According to FIH rules, a field hockey stick may not be longer than 41" (105 cm).

Basic tip

The right stick is one with the right size, composition (an internal structure), bow, weight and balance for you.


This stick was designed by our product development team comprised of field hockey players who are passionate about their sport (product managers, designers, engineers, garment designers, and prototype and lab technicians) as well as Decathlon materials and composites process specialists, our technical partner Jill Boon (a player for the Belgian Red Panthers) and one of world's leading hockey stick manufacturers.


The information here was provided by the manufacturer or observed by our teams from samples received from the manufacturer.





Product testing

Our sticks are tested in the lab and in the field by our panel of testers under real playing conditions.

Storage instructions

Wipe off any sand that remains on your stick.

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