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Tiswim, Adjustable Life Jacket with Arm Floaties, Kids'

Sale price: $20.00 Regular price: $24.99

With its 3 modular parts, the Tiswim helps kids in the different steps of the learning process, from the vertical position to the horizontal position. Only use under adult supervision.

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Sale price: $20.00 Regular price: $24.99

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Model: 8545672

Product Features

A photo of the Tiswim, Adjustable Life Jacket with Arm Floaties, Kids' in use

Tiswim, Adjustable Life Jacket with Arm Floaties, Kids' | Designed to support kids weighing 35 to 65 lbs, who are discovering water or swimming.

With its 3 modular parts, the Tiswim helps kids in the different steps of the learning process, from the vertical position to the horizontal position. Only use under adult supervision.

Motor-skill development

Freedom of movement for legs and/or arms depending on how the product is used.


The 3 ways of using them adapt to the kid's level of comfort in the water

Flotation device

Full product complies with standard EN 13138-1 reinforced buoyancy at 50 newtons


Wear a top underneath to avoid the risk of irritation due to friction


The inner surfaces are made of polyester for softness and comfort

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Image Gallery

Tiswim, Adjustable Life Jacket with Arm Floaties, Kids',light neon pink 

Tiswim, Adjustable Life Jacket with Arm Floaties, Kids',light neon pink 

Tiswim, Adjustable Life Jacket with Arm Floaties, Kids',light neon pink

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Tiswim, Adjustable Life Jacket with Arm Floaties, Kids',light neon pink
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Best purchase!

Little one is enjoying it so much, and we loved the idea of 3 in 1 .

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Good but not great

Good flexible product. Used for 2 weeks in a swimming pool. Flexible and good bounancy with our without the arm bands. Only issue in the belt gets a little twisted and the inside of the belt moved around a little inside the sleeve making it hard to inflate.

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Armbands are Great, Body Bit Is Not

The armbands are great but I found the body section to be quite dangerous for my two year old as it floats upward, tipping her body backwards. Wish I had saved the money and just bought the arm bands alone. Great that they are fabric on the inside.

Really good

Really good

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Grand kid needs to learn to swim

My grandchild has no fear she is 19 months cant swim but water well she accident waiting to happen till now she tipped up any floatation device. Then she found one she loved even out of water she wants to wear it no idea what it is about this but i will go with comfort and ease its so easy no fighting to get a child to wear it just gave it to her mum to take abroad hoping there be loads of pics as we cant take pics at pools in uk

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Fantastic for both children

We have really struggled to find something that works for our 3yr old daughter who very slim due to her premature birth. Nothing worked until this. She was floating alone almost instantly where she never had before. Her 16month brother loved it too. Highly recommended

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Best Swimming aid

After trying two different t swim vests - I bought this for my two year old grandson and what a difference it has made to both his ( and my own confidence) in the pool/water. Would highly recommend.

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Bought this for our little one who’s 2 and just getting into swimming for himself. He found this really useful but we also tried it with our 4yr old and the independence it gave him was amazing.

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Great float

These are great for my 2 year old, they are very stable and they will grow with her as she gets older so great value too.

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Brilliant product. Good value for money.

Ideal for our 3 year old. Brilliant how it detaches into 2 parts. Great value for money. Comfy to wear. Perfect product.

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Brilliant!! Great Price!!

Fantastic swimming aid! We have tried more expensive swimming aids with no joy. First go with this and our little one was swimming across the pool on her own at just 2 years old! Would highly recommend!

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Great product

These are a great alternative to boring orange armband's, with the added flexibility of being able to seperate to allow different skills to be practiced. Not material is good too, not shiny plastic so more comfortable, but still quick drying.

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Great armband float

Bought this for our holiday at centre parks and would reccommend to anyone. Well made, gives superb buoyancy and my 2 year old little girl gained huge confidence. Is breaks down into armbands too

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Additional Product Information


Inner fabric

  • 100% Polyvinyl chloride - Phtalate free

Outer fabric

  • 50% Polyester cationic
  • 50% Polyamide


  • 100% Polyethylene low density


  • 100% Polyoxymethylene


  • 100% Polypropylene

Learning to swim encourages the psycho-motor development of young kids.

Nabaiji offers 3 Learning to Swim experiences: Discovering the water, Discovering swimming, and Discovering underwater. Appropriate products are offered for each experience. The progressive armband is part of the "Discovering the water" experience. Its modular design helps support kids when they are discovering the water with a level of buoyancy that reduces as they progress and introduces them to different positions in the water.

Why progressive armbands?

Because it is often difficult to find the right buoyancy aid for a kid, to anticipate his level of comfort in the water and his confidence, Nabaiji designed Tiswim. With its modular design, this progressive armband lets kids discover the pleasure of playing in the water, moving around, and learning their 1st swimming movements in complete safety.

What are the 3 ways of using the tiswim?

Step 1/ Initially, all parts of the Tiswim are used (armbands + belt in front) Step 2/ Just the armbands to start moving in the water in a vertical position. Step 3/ Belt only, positioned at the back, to discover the swimmer's position (horizontal) and the 1st swimming movements.

How does the valve work?

The TISWIM progressive armbands-waistband has PVC 1-way inflation valves. To inflate the product correctly, press the base of the valve to open it. The valve closes mechanically in about 2 seconds. As such, it is normal for a bit of air to escape after inflation. This is why you must close the cap quickly.

How can i adjust the belt in the front position?

Place the front section on the upper part of the belly, so that the belt wraps around the lower part of the kid's chest. Tighten normally, then inflate the front section directly on the kid, without overinflating it. The belt will then be perfectly suited to the kid's size.

How to avoid the risk of rash/irritation from wearing flotation devices

The skin of young kids is very fragile. Depending on the kid's activity level and duration of the sessions in the water, personal flotation devices can cause chafing of the skin. To prevent this discomfort, we recommend wearing a top underneath the Tiswim progressive armbands.

Where should i position the belt in the front position?

On the top of the stomach. Be careful not to position the belt on the kid's chest; this would make it too high and poorly held in place. Place it in a low position so that the buoyant part is pressed against the lower part of their chest.

How much should i inflate the different parts of the tiswim?

The different learning stages have slightly different inflation requirements. The armbands are always inflated to the maximum. However, you should ideally inflate the 2nd chamber directly on the kid's arm. The inflation of the belt in the front position should be adjusted to the size of the kid. The belt in the back position should be inflated normally, without overinflating, before being put in position.

How can i adjust the inflation of the front section to the kid?

As each person is different, it is possible to adjust the inflation of the front section of the Tiswim to suit the kid's body shape. First, tighten the belt directly on the kid without having inflated the front section, so that it is perfectly adjusted to the kid's size. Then inflate the front section while the kid is wearing the belt.

Why does the belly part come up to the kid's chin when i use the full product?

In most cases this is because the front section is too inflated or the belt is poorly positioned. Make sure the belt is properly positioned on the kid's upper abdomen. Adjust the inflation and tightening of the belly section to fit the kid so that the product does not ride up once the kid is in the water. If the product comes up too high, it could cause rubbing under the chin, which can irritate the kid's skin

Why do kids end up on their back?

If the kid tips backward, it is because the volume of the front section is not suited to their size. It is important to remember that to be able to use the progressive armbands, the kid's motor skills and muscle tone must be sufficiently developed so that they can keep their balance and keep their head up on land. However, if the kid still tips backward, do not hesitate to adjust the inflation of the front section to their size so that they can regain their balance.

Can kid fall forward?

No, if the armbands are properly fitted, the kid will not be able to fall forward. It is important to remember that to be able to use the progressive armbands, the kid's motor skills and muscle tone must be sufficiently developed so that they can keep their balance and keep their head up on land. However, if the kid moves around a lot and is on the smaller side, adjust the inflation of the front section so that they are a little more submerged at chest level.

How can i adjust the belt in the back position?

In the 3rd stage, the kid can discover the horizontal position in the water with the belt on their back. To do this, fully inflate the back section, without overinflating it, then position the belt around the kid's waist and tighten normally. Be sure to position the protective tabs under the straps to make them more comfortable.

Can kids jump in the water wearing the tiswim?

Yes, but be careful! If the set is properly fitted, the kid can jump in the water without it rubbing under their chin or arms. But beware of the height; since the armbands are a buoyancy aid, do not try to jump from a height higher than that of the kid. If the entire product is worn and the kid is jumping into the water without a care, try removing the front section to give them more freedom of movement.

Can kids wear the tiswim progressive armbands if they weigh less than 30 lbs?

No, Tiswim progressive armbands are designed for kids between 30 and 65 lbs for safety reasons. Below this, the armbands would be too bulky to allow the kid to move comfortably. They will no longer be able to control their movements and could therefore easily tip forwards or backwards, with it being difficult to straighten up. Be sure to comply with the indicated weight.

What if the product deflates when i inflate it?

There could be a valve malfunction. The valve is not closing normally. Too much air is escaping before the cap is closed. To replace it correctly, pinch the valve 2 or 3 times with your fingers, then inflate the product to the maximum and close the cap. The flap should reposition itself properly.

Recommendation to avoid premature discoloration

After use, rinse your product and do not leave it in direct sunlight.



Product testing

This product has been tested in use in Hendaye and has been subjected to numerous laboratory tests to guarantee the quality of use for which it was designed. .

Storage instructions

Rinse with clear water, allow to dry in the open air, and store away from natural light in a dry, well-ventilated place.

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