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Lure Box CYO
Lure Box CYO

Lure Box CYO

Multiply your lure's appeal!

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Lure Box CYO designed for advanced anglers who want to change up their lure

Multiply your lure's appeal!
Visual efficiency

Blades, stickers and 3-D eyes make the lure more attractive.


For fishing in a wide variety of areas and \n depths.

Easy assembly / dismantling

Tool-free assembly thanks to the Fast Fix system.

Product Testing

The clips have been tested more than 200 times using a dynamometer and have been shown to resist on average up to 15.4 lbs. Were tested on the Extremadura lakes in Spain, where they resisted the attacks of several pike, one of which weighed over 24 lbs.


Engineers and designers from the Caperlan team developed elements of the CYO BOX while working with Alex Rios, renowned fishing guide.


2 ABS plug lures, 1 CYO spin, 1 CYO access spinner, 1 CYO propbait, 1 CYO chatterbait, 1 CYO soft lure, 3 CYO plate access stickers, 3 plates of 30 CYO access eyes.

1 box


2 hooks

detachable triples

2 shapes

14 g per unit

Size shape

3 inches


2 Years



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