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Men's Mountain Hiking Fleece Forclaz 50

Eco-design brushed microfleece inside & outside. High neck, half-zipper.

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Men's Mountain Hiking Fleece Forclaz 50 designed for hikers who want a simple product for protection against the cold. Comfort temp. 44.6°F and 50°F

100% eco-design. Warm and light fleece, keeping you warm without perspiring. Perfect for packing at bottom of a backpack.

Eco-design brushed microfleece inside & outside. High neck, half-zipper.


Polyester knit, lets through water vapor generated by the body (RET=7.08)


Just 10.1 oz in size M. 200 g/sqm density microfleece.

Compact design

Easily compressible component. Ideal microfleece for the bottom of your backpack


100% recycled polyester. Reduced environmental impact.

Easy to maintain

Won't crease. Machine washable. Quick drying

Fleece material: Insulates using the air

The fleece component is designed to trap the air thanks to the volume created by its texture; this air acts as a natural insulator, keeping the body warm. It is the brushing of the knit fabric that traps the air.

100% eco-design microfleece

Over a year, for the Forclaz 50 men's fleece this means: 22 million plastic bottles (33.8 fl oz) recycled 1,367 less tons of waste for the planet 43% water saved* 58% energy saved* 54% less CO2 emissions for the planet* This is where all the added value of recycled polyester lies. *Compared to old models made of non-recycled thread

2 year durability

We test the aging of our hiking fleeces to guarantee their durability. We guarantee: - resistance to wear from backpacks and moving arms to delay the appearance of piling which is specific to this material- the solidity of seams- the resistance of the fleece material after 3 washes (size stability) - color fading after washing, when exposed to UV or after contact with perspiration.

Product Testing

We carry out 2 types of thermal tests: - either a test of our fleeces' material. - or on a thermal manikin in a temperature chamber. We recreate the temperature, wind (3 mph) and humidity conditions that you encounter in the mountains when walking at 3 mph. These tests are used to validate our design choices. And we adapt our thermal insulation where you most need it.


Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester cationic

Storage Instructions

Keep on a hanger or folded in a clean, dry place

Care Instructions

Wash at 104°F. Do not use fabric softener, tumble dry or iron



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