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Men's All-Mountain Snowboard Bullwhip 300 Evo
Men's All-Mountain Snowboard Bullwhip 300 Evo
Men's All-Mountain Snowboard Bullwhip 300 Evo
Men's All-Mountain Snowboard Bullwhip 300 Evo
Men's All-Mountain Snowboard Bullwhip 300 Evo

Men's All-Mountain Snowboard Bullwhip 300 Evo

Forgives mistakes. Grip and stability.

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Men's All-Mountain Snowboard Bullwhip 300 Evo designed for beginner snowboarders looking for an easy on-piste snowboard, to learn and make progress.<

A snowboard that's very tolerant of edge mistakes thanks to its supple torsion between the feet. Good grip and stability on piste, thanks to its standard camber and wooden core.

70% on-piste, 30% off-piste, 0% park.

Easy to handle

Supple torsion: small turns very easy. Limited grip on red pistes.


Standard camber, inserts set back 10 mm (setback): normal buoyancy.


Standard camber and supple torsion: good grip and ease of skidding.

Anatomic design

151 cm: 1.66 to 1.73 m\n 155 cm: 1.71 to 1.77 m


Supple flex and wooden core: gentle and progressive edge transition.


Rounded shape and supple torsion to minimize edge mistakes and falls.

Glide performance

Extruded PE base offering standard glide performance.

A word from the product manager

It's an easy and accessible snowboard that really helps you to progress. In order to offer you a snowboard that represents better value for money, we have reviewed the transport of our snowboards. That's why this snowboard is offered without bindings. And to avoid compromising on the riding pleasure and longevity of the board, we have kept its wooden core.

Program / Terrain

The Bullwhip 300 Evo is perfect on-piste in all snow conditions. Supple flex and torsion, standard but not very pronounced camber, gentle directional shape: it's designed to make learning to snowboard easier. These characteristics also give it buoyancy in powder and even provide some fun for a freestyle beginner. Its wooden core lets you push it on hard snow within reason.

Directional snowboard

The shape of the board is directional, i.e. the board has a nose and a tail. It isn't symmetrical; the tail of the board is slightly narrower than the nose, so the bindings as well as the contact points of the board on the snow are slightly set back.
A directional shape offers better grip when cornering, better control of the trajectory and better recovery when exiting a turn.

Standard camber

A standard camber is curved upwards between the 2 points of contact between board and snow. Thanks to the elasticity of the board, a standard camber acts like a spring to give you grip on all types of snow, dynamism when switching edges and acceleration on exiting turns.

Supple and forgiving flex

Flex is the stiffness of the board between front and rear. The flex of the Bullwhip 300 Evo is about 2/5, i.e. supple and forgiving. This type of flex is very homogeneous from the front tip (nose) to the rear tip (tail), which provides very predictable cornering with no surprises. On the other hand, at high speed or on highly frozen snow, this board won't hold a nicely carved curve. It skids and brakes you automatically.

Supple and forgiving torsion

The torsion (torsional stiffness of the board between the feet) is about 2/5. This makes the board easy to handle, easy to pivot and forgiving of edging mistakes. Supple torsion provides a degree of free movement between the feet. By exaggerating, we can say that the front foot can be inclined heel-toe, and the back toe-heel. Edge faults are forgiven, which is important for a beginner. The supple torsion is also suited to freestyle/jib use.

10 mm setback

The setback is when the board's compression points with the snow are not symmetrical in relation to the center of the board, but set back towards the rear. The bindings are also set back towards the rear by the same distance.
10 mm setback: standard setback for directional boards. It provides better grip in turns and buoyancy in powder snow because the weight is on the tail of the board which naturally raises the nose.

Technical information

Front width 285 mm / centre 246 mm / rear 285 mm (size 155 cm).
Radius 8.5 m (size 155 cm).
Effective edge 1104 mm.
Number of inserts: 8 + 8 (3 positions possible per binding and 40 mm between each binding).
Recommended stance: 500 mm.

Extruded base/glide performance

Extruded base, a manufacturing process distinct from that for sintered bases:
- offers normal glide and good durability over time,
- requires regular maintenance: Ideally, wax every 5 outings and at least once a year,
- either at the beginning of the season to start with a very good glide,
- or at the end of the season to nourish the base in depth, allowing the wax to protect the base throughout the summer.

What's the right size Bullwhip 300 Evo for me?

In general, for all-terrain use, opt for -15 to -20 cm. (e.g. a person who is 5'7" tall can take a board that is between 159 and 154cm in length).
_ Choosing smaller makes things easier. This is also advised for people who are light for their height.
_ Choosing bigger offers greater stability at high speed.

151 CM (110 - 187 lb) => from 5'4" to 5'7"
155 CM (132 - 198 lb) => from 5'6" to 5'9"


151 cm / 155 cm

Board only

illusion 400 recommended






Snowboard only


Deck : 70.0% Wood, Deck : 20.0% Fiberglass, Deck : 10.0% Epoxy

Storage Instructions

Wipe the edges at the end of the day to avoid rust. Ideally, wax every 5 outings.\nSummer storage: out of the sun, you can leave the bindings on the board.


2 Years



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