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Men's Run Tight-Shorts Kiprun

Only 1 seam at the crotch to reduce chafing.

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Men's Run Tight-Shorts Kiprun designed for for runners on the road looking for performance in all seasons.

Chafing is a thing of the past with these tights, which have only 1 seam at the crotch.
Reduction of irritation

Only 1 seam at the crotch to reduce chafing.

Moisture wicking

Fabric absorbs, diffuses and dries quickly.


This product has a zipper for a smartphone or gels and a pocket for keys.

Reduced chafing

The product's design represents considerable innovation compared to standard tight-shorts. Following a study to map the chafing experienced by runners, we noticed that the most sensitive area was around the groin. That's why we decided to remove seams from the crotch. These tight-shorts have been lab-tested with a panel of testers to check our promise of reduced chafing compared to standard tight-shorts.

Perspiration wicking

The fabric absorbs and wicks away perspiration for quick, effective drying.

Easy storage

These tight-shorts have a zipped pocket that can hold a smartphone (maximum dimensions 70 mm * 140 mm) or gels. Earphone cables can be fed through by closing the zipper. These tight-shorts also have an inside pocket around the waist to allow you to carry your house or car key with you in complete safety.


Our teams designed these running shorts with: - a very comfortable waistband - a more reactive component for improved compression at the thigh - an elastic hem for added comfort and to prevent the shorts from riding up your thighs during intensive training sessions.


4.3 oz

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Product Testing

These running pants have been laboratory- and field-tested by athletes of all levels. They were chosen by all our testers for their capacity to provide comfort while running in warm weather. Flat seams prevent chafing.


Main fabric : 77.0% Polyester cationic, Main fabric : 23.0% Spandex Pocket : 100.0% Polyester cationic

Care Instructions

Can be machine-washed and mixed with other colors and fabrics. Wash at 86°F max. Do not tumble dry. No need to iron.



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