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Light Sleeping Bag Size M Makalu I

Temperatures: Comfort temperature 23°F; Limit temperature 12°F; Extreme -24°F

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Light Sleeping Bag Size M Makalu I designed for mountaineers or hikers looking for a lightweight and warm down sleeping bag for temperatures close to 23°F

The lightest highly compressible sleeping bag in the SIMOND range, easy to transport and use with its mummy-shaped bag, hood with good coverage, and 3D assembly to prevent thermal bridges
Optimal temperature

Temperatures: Comfort temperature 23°F; Limit temperature 12°F; Extreme -24°F


Lightweight product thanks to down, with fill power = 800 CUIN (EU standard)

Compact design

Stuff sack volume: Size M = 10 L / size L = 11 L / size XL = 11.4 L

User comfort

Silky fabric; 100% polyamide; hood; 2-way zipper, downy draft flap.


90% duck down, 10% feathers; Fill weight: 1.1 lbs in size M / 1.2 lbs in size L and 1.4 lbs in size XL; Fill Power (loft power of down) : 800 Cuin (CE standard) *Our feathers come from Chinese ducks farmed for their meat. We retrieve their feathers after they are culled. We keep the ducks' death certificates


Mummy shape: Shoulder-width (31.5" in size L) and tapers down toward feet with room to move but prevent heat loss at feet (7.9" in size L). Anatomic hood shape and a drawstring 2-way front zipper with downy draft flap to keep out the cold


Available in sizes : M // L // XL. Dimensions (''): M: 7.9" x 30.7" / L: 82.7 x 31.5" / XL: 87.4" x 32.3" Weight (lbs): M= 2.4 lbs / L= 2.6 lbs / XL= 2.8 lbs Dimensions of folded stuff sack: M Ø 8.1" x 14.2" / L Ø 8.3" x 14.8" / XL Ø 8.3" x 14.2" Dimensions of compressed stuff sack: M Ø 8.1" x 12.2" / L Ø 8.3" x 12.6"/ XL Ø 8.3" x 13"

Temperature rating

On all our sleeping bags, we display the temperature ratings determined by testing in an independent lab (AITEX) based on European Standard EN 13537 (2016). The "comfort temperature rating" is the lower limit when a user in the sleeping position is generally in thermal equilibrium and is neither hot or cold (based on a "standard" woman in normal conditions of use). Choose your sleeping bag based on this feature.

What you must know about temperature ratings

A sleeping bag does not generate heat but "maintains" heat generated by body. If you are exhausted and cold and you slip into your freezing and damp sleeping bag, you risk staying cold, whatever the sleeping bag's features! These temperature ratings therefore depend on a person's resistance to the cold (build, fatigue, etc.), on their equipment (mattress that insulates from the ground, etc.), on their clothing (naked, underwear, etc.), and on weather conditions (damp, windy, etc.).

A rating for comparing products' environmental impact

Product's environmental impacts are calculated throughout its lifecycle and with different indicators. An overall score (ABCDE) is attributed to help you easily identify the products with the best environmental performance by comparing products of the same type with one another (T-shirts, pants, backpacks, etc.). Decathlon chose to apply this voluntary environmental labeling system. To get more information:


Padding : 90.0% Grey duck down, Padding : 10.0% Grey duck feather Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide Carry bag : 100.0% Polyamide

Storage Instructions

Store your sleeping bag in its storage cover in a dry place because there is the risk of the down deteriorating if it is compressed for too long in its compression sack



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