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Paddle Comfort Overgrip Tape Tri-Pack
Paddle Comfort Overgrip Tape Tri-Pack
Paddle Comfort Overgrip Tape Tri-Pack
Paddle Comfort Overgrip Tape Tri-Pack

Paddle Comfort Overgrip Tape Tri-Pack

Comfortable and gummy!

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Paddle Comfort Overgrip Tape Tri-Pack designed for Paddle players looking for a comfortable, tacky overgrip.

This easy-to-apply overgrip will provide comfort and grip.
User comfort

Made from 100% polyurethane for added comfort.


Its material and texture provide excellent grip.


Its 0.6 mm thickness absorbs perspiration effectively.



Where does Paddle come from?

Paddle emerged in Mexico at the end of the 60s. It soon found its way to Spain and Argentina, and later to all Spanish-speaking South American countries. Paddle is currently the second-most-played sport in Spain, behind soccer, but ahead of tennis. There are eight million players around the world.

What are the rules of Paddle?

Matches are played in teams of two (doubles). Two serves are allowed and must be played underarm, diagonally across the court. One bounce is allowed. The ball must bounce on the floor, and can then hit any part of the court. The ball can be hit against a wall after it has bounced (wall only, not the metal fence). The ball can leave the court after bouncing and be hit back into play from outside the court. The points system is the same as for tennis.

How should you start playing Paddle?

First of all, you should choose fairly slow balls with a large diameter and get yourself a racket that's suited to occasional players. A teardrop-shaped racket is best as it will give you the biggest sweet spot, meaning your balls will be nicely centered and more accurate. Your racket should also be light (between 12 oz and 13.5 oz) to make it easy to swing.

Product Testing

Our product engineers have tested and approved this product in the lab and out on the court with our users.


Main fabric : 100.0% Polyurethane

Storage Instructions

Keep this overgrip in a dry place.


2 Years



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