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Phone Box Watertight
Phone Box Watertight
Phone Box Watertight
Phone Box Watertight

Phone Box Watertight

Protection against impacts and water.

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Phone Box Watertight designed for protect your items against impacts and water.

This waterproof box protects your phone against impacts and water.

Resistant to spray.

Easy to use

Clip fastening with watertight seal.

Easy to transport

Cord attached to the top of the watertight box for wearing it around your neck.

Technical specifications

Overall dimensions
Height: 6.3"
Width: 3.9"
Thickness: 1.4"

Internal dimensions (maximum phone size)
Height: 5.7"
Width: 2.4"
Thickness: 0.6"




Not to be used for scuba diving (risk due to pressure)

Care Instructions

Periodically check that the box is still watertight: place a paper towel inside, close the bag, then immerse in water. If the paper stays dry, the box is still watertight.\nTo avoid residual damp, place a paper towel in the watertight box during use.


2 Years



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