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Race Walking Shoes RW 900
Race Walking Shoes RW 900
Race Walking Shoes RW 900
Race Walking Shoes RW 900
Race Walking Shoes RW 900
Race Walking Shoes RW 900
Race Walking Shoes RW 900
Race Walking Shoes RW 900
Race Walking Shoes RW 900

Race Walking Shoes RW 900

A shoe developed for race walking

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Race Walking Shoes RW 900 designed for race walking in the gym, road, track or trail.

FLEXIBLE and ULTRA-LIGHT, Newfeel RW 900 shoes are specially designed for race walking.

Ideal flexibility thanks to Newfeel's exclusive FlexH technology.


Easier stride thanks to lightweight materials: 7.1 oz in women's size 11.

Energy return

Energize your stride through the geometry and rubber grip of the sole.

Comfortable fit

Seam-free, flexible and comfortable design so your warm-up isn't wasted

Freedom of movement

Totally free foot motion thanks to off-center lacing.


Resists wear thanks to flexible toe reinforcement.

What is race walking?

Race walking is a series of steps executed in such a way that the walker keeps in contact with the ground and his/her leg remains straight between the foot's initial contact with the ground and its vertical position.
Olympic discipline, practiced in the gym or outdoors, on a road, track or stabilized trail for distances of up to 30 miles.

Why is it important to choose a special shoe for race walking?

Bio-mechanical studies carried out by the Decathlon SportsLab and technical partners have enabled us to pinpoint the foot's specific needs during race walking: the angle of contact with the ground, trajectory of the foot pressure areas and intensity of the propulsion phase.
The choice of components, geometry of the sole and shape of the upper mean our race walking shoes will satisfy every need.

What is FlexH technology?

The exclusive FlexH concept has three flex grooves in an H pattern.This guarantees optimal flexibility during propulsion.

Product Testing

Our testing engineers, Marine and Léo, have all our products tested by a representative sample of walker-athletes in the field. All our products also undergo laboratory tests for complete validation prior to being put on the market.

Storage Instructions

The Newfeel team recommends storing your shoes in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place.


2 Years



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