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Rock Climbing Rope 10 MM Sold by meter

Rock Climbing Rope 10 MM Sold by meter

Reinforced sheath for intensive indoor climbing.

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Rock Climbing Rope 10 MM Sold by meter designed for indoor climbing.

Select the length suitable for height of indoor wall.

Reinforced sheath and Plasma protection: \nbest durability / stretch compromise

Ergonomic grip

Reassuring and smooth handling, compatible with all belay devices.


Absorbs fall force well thanks to low impact force of 8.7 kN.

Plasma protection

Special treatment helps to make rope longer lasting.
Enhanced resistance to wear and smoothness for passing rope through carabiners and belay devices.

Middle mark

Rope with middle mark for extra safety.

Total weight

66 g/m

Number of falls


Impact force

8,7 kN

Dynamic elongation


Static elongation


Sheath slippage


Number of strands


Product Testing

Designed by our teams in the Chamonix valley (France), at the foot of the Mont Blanc, all our ropes are lab tested, certified to guarantee their mechanical features.\nOur technical partners test them in the field to validate product claims.We are in partnership with numerous indoor climbing centers and clubs, which allows us to check for our ropes' long lasting lifespan.


Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide 6

Storage Instructions

Use a rope bag, to reduce rope wear and coiling\n\nDo not store in the boot of the car in high temperatures\n\nAvoid all contact with chemical products\n\nDry before storing (away from UV rays)


2 Years



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