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Soccer Shin Pad F700

Soccer Shin Pad F700

3-in-1 shin guard

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Soccer Shin Pad F700 designed for soccer player protection for training or match up, made up of 3 separately usable parts.

These flexible shin guards are made up of compression calf sleeve, ankle guard for protecting for ankle bone and Achilles heel, and flexible shield.
Shock protection

Protects shins in the tackle and complies with standard EN 13061-2009.


Compression sleeve with pocket for holding up shin guard in position.


9.5 oz in size L


3 different parts can be used separately.

Impact protection

Flexible PU foam shield provides shock absorption.


Calf sleeve for holding protection in position or for using separately.


All 3 parts of shin guard can be used separately: 1. Supportive calf sleeve by itself or with protective shield. | 2. Ankle guard by itself or with shin guard. | 3. The calf sleeve, ankle guard and protective shield assembled together.

Product Testing

Complies with EN 13061 standard.

Ankle Guard



Outer shell - Padding : 100.0% Polyurethane\r\nSocks : 71.0% Polyamide, Socks : 24.0% Spandex, Socks : 5.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate\r\nOuter shell - Main lining : 63.0% Polyester cationic, Outer shell - Main lining : 20.0% Polyamide, Outer shell - Main lining : 17.0% Spandex\r\nPackaging : 100.0% Polyester cationic


Not suitable for motorcycling.

Care Instructions

Wash with fresh water. Do not machine wash.


2 Years



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