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Soccer Wheeled Away Bag 65 L
Soccer Wheeled Away Bag 65 L

Soccer Wheeled Away Bag 65 L

Roll it or wear on your back.

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Soccer Wheeled Away Bag 65 L designed for easily carrying and storing soccer equipment thanks to its wheels (also suitable for other sports). 

Looking for a bag for easier travel? We designed the wheeled Away bag that easily transforms into a backpack.

65 litre capacity.

Multiple compartments

6 compartments. (1 main, 1 shoe pocket, 1 computer pocket, 3 additional pockets)

Easy to transport

Can be worn as a backpack.\nSystem to ensure the bag stays upright.


This bag has been tested in the lab: resistant to weight and intense rolling.

Content ventilation

Ventilation eyelets to air out the shoe pocket.


Pocket and card for writing contact information.

Plenty of compartments.

Since packing for sports travel requires some organization, we designed the Away bag with multiple storage compartments so that everything has its place (1 main pocket for clothing, 1 shoe pocket, 1 computer pocket, and 3 smaller pockets for personal belongings) to make your life easier.

Weight and dimensions

Height = 23 cm
Length = 71 cm
Width = 46 cm
3.326 kg.

Laboratory tests.

This bag has been subject to consecutive water repellency tests, tests for resistance to carrying and rolling (32 km), and discolouration tests to check its ability to retain its shape and colour, water resistance in light rain, and durability when being carried. These tests are carried out regularly by different labs to ensure that our quality standards are met through the design process.


Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester\r\nShell : 95.0% Foamed EVA, Shell : 5.0% Polyester

Storage Instructions

Store this bag in a dry place. Empty it regularly to avoid unpleasant odours.


2 Years



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