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Soft 300 Lumbar Belt

The Soft 300 lumbar belt features stays to support the lower back.

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Soft 300 Lumbar Belt designed for FLEXIBLE and COMFORTABLE SUPPORT for the lower back.

The Soft 300 lumbar belt makes for a comfortable, safe practice of your sport. Supports the back and reduces traumatic movements.
Joint brace

The Soft 300 lumbar belt features stays to support the lower back.

User comfort

The Soft 300 lumbar belt allows for comfortable workout

Easy to put on

Adhesive straps for perfect positioning and fit of the belt


Pre-shaped back structure supports the lower back. The Comfort Lumbar Belt reduces flexibility forward movements of the back when sitting. Used for support, this flexible lumbar belt reduces the risk of lower back injury. It combines pre-shaped back stays with a very simple adjustment system​. For more information, visit


The Soft 300 lumbar belt is comfortable thanks to its soft and breathable material.


The style and design of this lumbar belt make it very easy for everyday use above or under your clothes.

Easy to put on / remove

Adjustable lumbar belt with repositionable hook and loop fastener.

Product Testing

The Soft 300 lumbar belt has been tested by a panel of athletes.


Main fabric : 62.0% Polyester cationic, Main fabric : 23.0% Elastodiene, Main fabric : 15.0% Polyamide

Storage Instructions

Store in a clean, dry place, away from light. Place the grippy areas on the elasticated strap (protects the knit fabric from premature wear)



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